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There is a lot of reading clutter in the world and too less of it is organized. There are so many interesting posts shared on Facebook or any website. Your Facebook app does terribly to show them to you. It does not load and it is scratchy. Plus, there is no way of actually keeping it for reading later or saving it just as something interesting you came across. Maybe you were swiping through breakfast and now your commute has arrived or you just gotta go. Well for these reasons there is Pocket App.
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Pocket helps you organize these links you want to read as your favourites or just maybe you could not read it and you could use this to read later. Pocket detects when you have a link copied and when you open it app it automatically asks you if you want to paste it and “pocket” it into the app. After the app quickly downloads the content from the link, you can read it. It is almost instant, the download. The design is very clean. It has good typography and is just so clean, I love it.
Pocket App 2
Scrolling through content is pretty easy. Pocket has a great user experience and user interface. Apps these days don’t need just functionality to sell. They need to have great UI and UX. Pocket allows you to share your pocket with friends and people can send you articles to read. You can know what links have images and videos separately. Pocket can automatically detect that. You can go to videos if you are looking for videos in the link or just images. It is pretty easy. If you are on PC and you want to save it on the Pocket App, just email from your registered email id to add@pocket.com. It is that simple.

Tag your items to get a highlight reel and better experience. You can favourite or archive any article you have saved. You can also share it with a friend. You can save content from Flipboard on Pocket as well. It is just brutally simple. Pocket App is available on both iOS and Android.


Author: Sinha

Passion and Inspiration drives my life and I get them both from technology. Getting to write about it is an absolute bliss. The bliss comes from people reading what you want to convey. There is nothing better for a person than his views to be heard. I am a music, tv shows, movies and technological enthusiast.

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