Sony Xperia Z vs Apple iPhone 5


iPhone 5 was a newly designed Apple smartphone. It certainly looked promising and it stayed true to Apple’s product philosophy. iPhone 5 in many ways is a great smartphone. You hold it and that’s what you want to hold for the rest of your life. Sony Xperia Z is an Android smartphone by electronic giants Sony, the Xperia Z their flagship that offers water resistance. It is a powerful phone and screams quality. This is, iPhone 5 vs Sony Xperia Z.


iPhone 5 is built from the premium aluminium, as I said, once you hold it, this is what you want to hold for the rest of your life. The back is so smooth and the phone just feels like the sexiest electronic device ever. Sony Xperia Z has a classy glass body. The zero gap design makes it water resistant. Xperia Z with its much larger size “yet” straight cut edge design makes it a difficult phone to hold. Design- iPhone 5.


Retina Display is simply stunning. There is no other display so true to colour and contrast as on the iPhone 5. The display size just 4.0 inch, has started to feel a bit less. Plus while watching full HD video, it does not really feel that you are watching it that way. The picture does not have that fluidity but again watching HD, other displays don’t have that accuracy either like the Retina Display. Sony Xperia Z does a much better job with the 5.0 inch 1080p display. It is way better at what iPhone 5 can’t do. Display- Sony Xperia Z.


iPhone 5 has one of the best camera len’s. Somehow, more than any other camera lens the iPhone 5 can capture the true colour of anything, in its perfect tone. It is more on the over saturated side yet closer to perfection. It is not a desirable camera for low light shots, they turn out pretty noisy. Sony Xperia Z is no match in capturing the colour or even detailing compared to iPhone 5. Even the video recording, I will keep going back to iPhone 5 than Sony Xperia Z. Camera- iPhone 5.


They both run on different OS, iPhone 5 on the iOS 7 and Sony Xperia Z on the Android v4.2.2. iOS 7 certainly looks better an OS with the new flat design than Android. As functionality goes I always ay iOS is so much simpler than Android. The mere fact Android phones have 3 different navigation buttons says it all. iOS takes less of RAM space for necessary ops whereas Android will eat it up and hence slows your phone over a period of time. Software- iPhone 5.


Sony Xperia Z has a much faster processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5GHz Quad Core processor to Apple’s A6 Dual Core 1GHz one. Xperia Z also has 2GB of RAM compared to iPhone 5’s 1GB. But that much power and RAM is all iPhone and iOS needs. Overall the A6 is much more durable than the 1.5GHz Quad Core giant. The same app takes less from both processor and RAM of iPhone 5 than Sony Xperia Z. But iPhone 5 does not have a better battery backup, nor does it have NFC or expandable memory. Performance- Sony Xperia Z.
Sony Xperia Z vs Apple iPhone 5

Final Verdict

iPhone 5 shines from its looks to performance. It does not lag as much as Xperia Z. The camera is way better and well the design is to die for. Only problem is the small screen size. Yeah, it is a tad too small in this gen of smartphones. Sony Xperia Z vs iPhone 5- iPhone 5 wins.


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