Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S4


Samsung Galaxy S4 goes up against the comeback kid- Nokia Lumia 920. Nokia Lumia 920 has bought back Nokia into the game, not just the 920 but the whole range of Windows Phone 8 phones. This again is complex, do you really want an Android or do you want Windows Phone? The selling point of Nokia Lumia 920 has been the camera whereas Samsung Galaxy S4 is a complete package. Let’s jump in deeper.


Both the GS4 and the Lumia 920 have polycarbonate bodies, but Nokia Lumia 920 has a really solid and more premium felt body. But Nokia Lumia 920 is really very heavy. For some people it might strike to be really uncomfortable. Samsung Galaxy S4 is much lighter. Looking at both the phones, they seem almost equally attractive but Lumia 920 appeals a little more because well GS4’s design is nothing we have’nt already seen. Design- Nokia Lumia 920.


Samsung Galaxy S4’s display is one of the most beautiful displays on a smartphone till date. It features a 5 inch full HD display. The 920 has a 4.5 inch 720p display. Because of the flat design, 920 looks ultra awesome but then there is no matching the video playback quality of Samsung Galaxy S4 in full HD. It just wins easily once you see what the display can do. Display- Samsung Galaxy S4.


Both of the sensors have the same problem of giving over saturated images, Nokia Lumia 920 a little too much. GS4 has a 13MP sensor compared to Carl Ziess’s 8.7 MP on the 920. In natural lighting conditions both are really awesome, actually equally awesome. But when it comes to low lighting photography we know who the daddy is- Nokia Lumia 920. It slams the Samsung Galaxy S4. The software interface for the camera is equally awesome. So overall, Nokia Lumia 920 has a better camera.


Windows Phone 8 is great, yeah it pretty much is. And it is also a breath of fresh air compared to iOS and Android. WP8 is on board the 920 and Android v4.2.2 on board the Samsung Galaxy S4. We wont consider the OS capabilities much but focus on the software features which seem to be overwhelmingly in the favour of Samsung Galaxy S4. The ton of features GS4 has is incredible. They deserve to have the title “smart” before the smart features. 920 has it’s share too but nothing compared to the GS4. The apps are much diverse on Google Play than Windows Store. Software- Samsung Galaxy S4.


Samsung Galaxy S4 is more of a bully with its beast of a Octa Core processor (only 4 work at a time, each optimized for different use). Nokia Lumia 920 is pretty awesome and smooth to operate but so is the Galaxy S4. 920 also has this really cool wireless charging thing but it’s just a way of getting you lazier and for the record you still have to connect the charging dock to a supply so yeah wired. As a whole GS4 simply overpowers the 920. Performance-Samsung Galaxy S4.
Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Comparison Chart

Final Verdict

Samsung Galaxy S4 stars as the winner against the Nokia Lumia 920. It has a better display, it is full of features and well a gigantic processor powering it up. Samsung Galaxy S4 in many ways is one of the best smartphones of 2013.


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