Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4


iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S4? Which one is the better smartphone? We surely have an answer. But yes keep in mind Samsung Galaxy S4 did come about half a year later than iPhone 5 and this is been written when iPhone 5S has always been released so we will surely get you back with that too.


This one is really easy. iPhone 5 has the sexiest design on a smartphone yet. The built quality is of the highest order and it is manufacturing artistry. With the smooth aluminum back there is no other phone that feels so awesome as much as the iPhone 5. The brilliant finish just mesmerizes you. Samsung Galaxy S4 on the other hand true to all Samsung phones but yes they stepped up the quality on S4 a tad more. The polycarbonate feels good but in front of iPhone 5, you will barely notice it. Design- iPhone 5 easily.


This one is really tough. As iPhone 5 has a smaller 4 inch display over Samsung Galaxy S4’s 5 inch that makes it a talking point as well. Samsung Galaxy S4 has this beautiful 1080p display which shows such soothing imagery that you just want to look at it all day. On the other hand the screen resolution on iPhone 5 is of 640×1136 pixels with 323ppi pixel density. It looks really amazing at well but does not stand well against showing off a full HD video, otherwise the colors are any day better on the iPhone 5 and the Retina Display would win. But, considering screen size and what is there on the table- Samsung Galaxy S4 takes this one.


Camera is my favorite topic for discussion. iPhone 5 has an 8MP sensor to Samsung Galaxy S4’s 13MP but as they say number don’t matter in camera, smartphone camera. Samsung Galaxy S4 does a really nice job with it’s sensor. But it lacks detailing and the correct color tones both of which are overwhelmingly and exponentially better in the iPhone 5. The images from the iPhone 5 can capture such realistic colors and detail the objects to the very level. But, when it comes to camera software there is a ton more the Galaxy S4 can do compared to the iPhone 5 but looking at the prospects- Camera: iPhone 5 is better.


Samsung Galaxy S4 is loaded with features. Some of these features are useless and some simply amazing. iPhone 5 on the other hand has good ones too but no match for the Galaxy S4. Samsung’s Smart Stay and Smart Pause are really handy. Their built in dedicated apps are a keeper as well. Both of them run different softwares- Android v4.2.2 Jelly Bean on GS4 and iOS on iPhone 5. I won’t judge it on the OS because well it is the most debatable topic of the smartphone era.


If you see the benchmark comparisons of iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 you might want to take a holiday. Samsung Galaxy S4’s Octa Core processor is just too fast compared to Apple’s A6. Samsung Galaxy S4 also allows sharing better than iPhone 5. But performance is not just speed. The Samsung Galaxy S4 lags over a period of time, the iPhone 5 is going as smooth as the least viscous liquid even after the iOS 7 upgrade a year later. Apple shares only with Apple which is a constraint. It does not have an option of expandable storage or battery. But if you are investing so much, you want it to last and you want it to be smooth. Performance- iPhone 5.
Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5

Final Verdict

Samsung Galaxy S4 takes this one. It has bunch loads of features and comes in more handy. iPhone 5 lacks that larger display (4 inch is a tad too small as of today) and does not have too many “smart” features. Siri though cool is not a match for the Google Search yet. But as an assistant, Siri is much more personal and awesome. Everything said- Samsung Galaxy S4 wins this one.


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