HTC One vs Apple iPhone 5


HTC One vs iPhone5 is a battle inevitable. Both are encased in the top quality aluminium body. The cameras are amazing so is the display. HTC One in the Android ecosystem and iPhone 5 in iOS. A different mindset would go into this. HTC One brings a lot of things on the table and so does iPhone 5 so lets jump into the battle royale.


Hold both these phones in each hand and you just want to keep holding them. HTC One is much larger than the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 has a seamlessly flat back. HTC One has a lovely curved one. Because of smaller size iPhone 5 fits easily into the hands, but it might just be too small. The speakers on the HTC One has built in amplifiers and offer the best quality sound there is on a smartphone. iPhone 5 offers a very soft and natural tone to the speakers. Design- HTC One betters the iPhone 5.


HTC One has just too many wows on their side on this one. HTC One has a 4.7 inch stunningly beautiful full HD display. iPhone 5 has an amazing 323ppi 4.0 inches Retina Display. Colours are better on the iPhone 5 but we have started to think the display size might be just a tad smaller than ideal. Viewing angles are fantastic on the iPhone 5 compared to HTC One. HTC One plays the second best 1080p video, it will leave your mouth open. Display- HTC One


HTC One has a stone cold awesome camera with the Ultra Pixel technology working on a 4MP sensor. iPhone 5 has a 8MP sensor. HTC One and iPhone 5 both detail the photos really well. iPhone 5 is far ahead than HTC One when it comes to colour definition. HTC One at the same time is exponentially ahead than iPhone 5 in low light photography. I choose the iPhone 5 because personally I would be taking a lot of shots in natural light and I want them to be really true to the colour. Camera- iPhone 5.


Apple iPhone 5 runs on the iOS 7 currently and the HTC One on the Android v4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The UI on the HTC is the Sense v5.0 with HTC Blinkfeed and Zoe both of which are really helpful in their respective fields. Blinkfeed gives you updates from latest apps and Zoe is the camera UI. The iOS camera app has improved over iOS 7 but HTC Zoe is generations ahead. iOS 7’s design and Apple’s apps are just the best in quality and user experience. This is certainly a tough choice. Software- HTC One.


Apple A6 is the giant powering the iPhone 5 and up ahead is HULK, the Snapdragon 600- Quad Core 1.7GHz. It smashes the A6 on how quick it is. But, iOS apps and Android apps both respectively work more than just fine on the given phones. iPhone 5 is actually better optimized and it will last longer in terms of uniformity of speed and being lag free whereas the Spandragon 600 will not. HTC One though will multitask better. HTC One comes with NFC whereas iPhone 5 can pair only with Apple devices. Performance- HTC One.
HTC One vs Apple iPhone 5 Comparion Chart

Final Verdict

HTC One is the better smartphone here. With the bigger display and denser pixels you can do more. Camera can do wonders in low light. The body is sexy, the sound from the speakers is mind blowing. What can’t be said about this beauty. HTC One is just the better phone against the iPhone 5 by Apple.


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