HTC 8S vs Nokia Lumia 620


Let us compare something that can’t be fairer. HTC 8S vs the Nokia Lumia 620. Both of them are running the Windows Phone 8 operating system. They come from companies fighting for some market share. Colour is closely related to them both. It is amazing how reasonably priced both of them are for what they offer.


HTC 8S has this stunningly wonderful back. It has this smooth matte finish. You hold it and instantly you know it is really comfortable. The back is flat but the edges around are a bit curved that gives you that tailor made fit for the hand. Nokia Lumia 620, depending on color can give you a matte finish or a glossy polycarbonate. The matte is really good but not a match for the one on HTC 8S. The polycarbonate is good too. HTC 8S has these beautifully micro drilled speakers that give you clear and quality sound. The 620 is loud and compromised on quality. Design- HTC 8S.


Both of these phones have been blessed with flat design on windows phone 8 that gives an amazing look to the display irrespective of the bulk specification. The HTC 8S has a 4.0 inch 480×800 pixels display compared to Nokia Lumia 620’s 3.8 inch 480×800 pixels. The colours are much better on the Nokia Lumia 620, it is more uniform and has better black levels. It is a tad better than HTC 8S in video playback and hence accounts for a better display. Only problem, I bit too small. Display- Nokia Lumia 620.


Nokia Lumia 620 unlike it’s elder bros does not have a carl zeiss lens. This one is a 5MP standard lens by Nokia. It takes really average photos. Nothing too great, the photos lack the colour tone and the correct saturation. It is disturbingly under saturated. Even the HTC 8S has a 5MP sensor but it is way better than the 620’s. For starters it takes really clear well detailed photos. It is much more colorful and better saturated. It takes way better video than the 620 as well. HTC 8S does not have a front camera though, 620 has a bad VGA one. Camera- HTC 8S.


Both the phones run the Windows Phone 8 OS. But in this case scenario Nokia Lumia 620 has the upper edge with software integration and home made apps by Nokia itself. Nokia Music. Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive are one of the best in their class. Everything else is more or less the same in the software side. One thing I should not forget, the City Lens by Nokia and the camera UI, it is amazing. Software- Nokia Lumia 620.


Both of them have the same exact processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1GHz Dual Core processor and both of them have 512MB RAM. Nokia Lumia 620 has NFC but the HTC 8S does not. Both of them use the same Bluetooth versions. Overall experience on both the phones are more or less the same. Nokia Lumia 620 comes with 8GB of internal memory and HTC 8S with 4GB with both expandable to 32GB. Performance- Nokia Lumia 620.

Final Verdict

Nokia Lumia 620 is a better phone than the HTC 8S. It might not have the better built or camera but everything else just HTC 8S. Nokia Lumia 620 surely is a phone worth having for a tight budget. It gives you the best of WP8 at a lesser price. Nokia Lumia 620 vs HTC 8S- Nokia Lumia 620 wins.


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