Pebble Steel Smartwatch at CES 2014


The smartest smartwatch till date just got a new edition at this year’s CES. At the CES 2014, Pebble introduced their new stainless steel smartwatch. It actually comes with 2 straps now, one- which is a matte built and the stainless steel one. They both come together in the box, you don’t have to pay for them as an extra accessory. Their display is now by Corning Gorilla Glass.
Pebble Steel Smartwatch
What is the most striking thing is the design. The first Pebble Smartwatch actually looked geeky and yeah something like “I used to have thing kind of watch as a kid” but with an exceptional built. This year they have gone far away from that design and the new Pebble Smartwatch looks so sexy it just melts your heart. It actually looks like a full-fledged stylish watch one might like to own. The nice squarish design with those subtle curves really suit the watch and it looks better than ever.

As this platform has grown over the time, it always tells you the time but it has some amazing apps that can give you instant control with what is going on with the phone. You can keep your phone inside the pocket and still control your music and radio without a problem. Even the ESPN app is really cool and worth checking out.


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