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Oppo had made a lot of buzz just because they had that idea of having a single camera that could turn both ways, Oppo N1. Now they are doing so with a ever so dense display just like the LG G3 with the Oppo Find 7. Apart from the display, Oppo Find 7 has amped the specifications almost on every level. The quality is immaculate, let us disect through and look for what this phone really is.


The phone is designed beautifully. Though it is nothing too different we already see in the market, the thinness they achieved is amazing. The curved back is accruate for the hand. Even the built of the phone highly compliments the looks it has. Thankfully the Oppo Find 7 is not very large, that is owed to the design of the bezels which are really thin. Soft touch built is the way to go if you cannot afford aluminum.


Oppo Find 7 has a 5.5 inch 1440×2560 pixels display. This is denser than your usual 1080p full HD display. Something very similar to what LG G3’s display has to offer. Through the naked eye, the two displays do not look much different in their clairty but surely the colours are not that great on the Oppo Find 7. They are good, warm but not what high end devices generally achieve= perfection. The display also lacks in giving you good viewing angles as in direct sunlight the glare is just too much to handle.


Oppo offers you a 13MP camera on the back and a 5MP camera on the front. The primary camera takes some beautiful photographs. Unlike the display the colour balance, saturation, warmth of the camera are the standards of a high end camera. I would like for it to be a little more warmer and real but it is asking for too much. Detailing is one thing Oppo Find 7’s camera does really well. Even in the video capturing, the quality is phenomenal. Front camera is dense enough for good selfies.


Oppo Find 7 operates on the Android v4.4.2 KitKat Andoird OS. You get the portal of apps from the Google Store. Talking about the UI, Oppo Find 7 has one of the cleanest and clear Uis along side HTC Sense 6 and Xiaomi’s. It makes a lot more sense and way less cluttered that its counterparts. They do not offer you any gimmicky features.


This smartphone draws its power from the Snapdragon 801 processor by Qualcomm. They also give you 3 GB of RAM. They account for an really smooth overall feel and performance of the phone along with good multitasking. The battery bakcup is enough to get you through a day of usage. You can expand the 16GB/32GB internal memory to up to as much as 128GB. You have your usual NFC and bluetooth for sharing and pairing.


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