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Looks like Satya Nadella is finally getting things fired up in the Microsoft “OFFICE” as Microsoft introduces an out of the box feature to Office Online which will now allow people to engage into real time conversations with the help of Skype within the documents they are working on with multiple people at the same time.

This blazing feature which is to be integrated in the Office Online is named ‘Document Chat’ which will allow people to work effectively and collaboratively on the documents. Now, how to use this feature? It doesn’t get any simpler than this; you just have to click on the chat button provided in the upper right corner. Now you can chat with everyone who is working on the document same as yours, thus getting the things done with more ease.

For the moment, the document chat is only accessible in Word Online and PowerPoint Online which will alert the people working on the document by sending a notification and they can respond as needed. When you initiate a chat request or when you accept a chat request, a chat window pops up and the necessary ideas can be exchanged.

With Skype improvising the services it provides on smartphones and tablets, and also with it being embedded into web browsers lately, people can now continue their conversations and stay connected even after finishing the work on the document.

Though Microsoft hasn’t acquainted us with the details as to when the feature will be made available or also regarding any information as how the group chat works, we are hoping that it would be any time in the near future.

Microsoft’s new feature does seem familiar to Google Docs where users could chat to others using Hangouts as a communication tool and could be helpful to many Office Online users.


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