Nokia’s Android Phone is almost here!


Nokia is just dropping in bombs after bombs. Last year we faintly heard that Nokia was working on an Android phone, well they actually are (maybe), and well actually the 98% is maybe yes they are. Just before the Mobile World Congress, “evleaks” has leaked us of what is being called as the Nokia X. This phone will run on an Android platform. It is still unknown as to which version they would actually run it on.

Looking at the leaked photographs, you can surely make out the user interface or the “skin” is nothing similar on the lines of the general Android phone. Nokia has totally customized the UI and made it their own. Like the trademark “Nokia” the Nokia X will feature number of colours, in the body and in the software customization.
We also know Nokia X will feature a 4 inch WVGA display. This might not be the best of the best but then Nokia has a strange way of making their average-ish products seem really high on quality. The phone will carry a 1500 mAh battery.

The apps would come from a Nokia store. They surely will be Android apps but you won’t be able to tap into the Google Play store. Nokia wants to wait, test and then roll it out for their store from Google Play. This is pretty strange but I am sure there is a solid reason as to why Nokia would follow such a lead on apps for Android. I am sure customers who are tired of the basic Android UI will be drawn towards this phone because of the whole difference in the experience Nokia is going to provide. By the looks of it, it seems to be like a Hybrid of WP and Android’s basic interfaces. Well, all shall be revealed at the Mobile World Congress. Stay Tuned.


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