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While everyone is eagerly looking forward for the Nokia’s new android tablet N1, Nokia out of the blue surprises everyone by flinging an Android Launcher in the market. Named as Z Launcher, the app is in the initial beta status but is catching everyone’s eye. You can’t just directly find it in the Play Store and install it. But anyone who has a device which supports (Android v4.1 and above) can go the official website of Z launcher, register using their g+ account, download it and get ready to be amazed.

When you see it for the first time it may seem like that there isn’t much to it but there is more than what meets the eye. This launcher comes with the two astonishing features: Prediction and Scribble.

So you must be wondering “What is this prediction technology?” This launcher keeps track of your habits i.e. which apps do you use at what time of the day and customizes the home screen according to it. The home screen shows the 6 apps, contacts or other stuff that it predicts you might want to use at a particular instant of time. With time, the launcher learns and adapts according to your usage and customizes the home screen to save time and adding to the “smartness” of your phones. The bottom dock is customizable to a certain extent but initially is filled with the default in-built apps such as the phone, camera and messaging apps.

Now, to use the scribble feature just trace a letter with your finger on the main screen and it will show you apps, contacts, etc. starting with that letter. Now draw another letter and it narrows the search even more. If you make an error in the letter tracing, just give it a swipe to the left and the last letter you drew is erased. 

Besides the home screen, the launcher doesn’t have much to swipe around. In the middle of the bottom dock is the Nokia’s signature app basket which contains all your apps in an alphabetical order. There are no widgets to be placed around.

Well, the thing that has drawn everyone’s attention is the prediction feature and we are pretty sure that we’re going to see a lot of that in the coming years.


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