Nokia X releases in India TODAY! 10th March


Nokia X is releasing today. It is the new Android phone by Nokia and something tells me it is going to be a great success. People have been begging for one and we all know how Nokia was once on the top and then the smartphones came in. They came back with the Lumia phones but are still struggling the way. Anyway, back to the point- Nokia X will be releasing in India today and you can pre order it on various websites and might be available in stores in a week.

Nokia X will feature a very decent 4.0 inch display and will run on the Android v4.2.2 Jelly Bean. It will have it’s own store to buy/download apps. Nokia X has their own unique user interface which draws from something they had done with Asha and Lumia live tiles. The whole feel is nothing you would be aware of something from an Android phone but it certainly is one.

The phone will be available at a price less than Rs 10,000. Well this is what we expect. The phone will have an absolute power with the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 and 512MB RAM. This certainly account for something incredible. My advice- if you are looking for an Android phone which will work perfectly for you, go buy this Android phone. Nokia X is here to stay.


Author: Sinha

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