Nokia N1 Tablet


Nokia is not dead yet. Even though the Microsoft deal has cost them a lot of developers and designers for the Lumia team, the company is keen on making products with Nokia branding and keeping the name alive.
Nokia will be paid for its branding and designing by other manufacturers. Nokia cannot do any of it anymore (manufacturing). But it has a go ahead on designing. On these lines, Nokia is going to launch a series of products that will surface the Nokia’s new vision for the company.

The first product to unveil on this process is the Nokia N1 Tablet and surprisingly it is powered by Android and not Windows OS. The N1 tablet is designed with Nokia, has the Nokia branding but the manufacturing process is been opted by a Taiwanese company. The Nokia N1 tablet has a very similar design to the Apple iPad Mini and everyone is comparing it to the Mini.

The 7.9 inch tablet has similar design in every way and comes with Android Lollipop. The launcher is Nokia’s new Nokia Z Launcher. N1 is powered by a 64 bit Intel Atom chip, has a massive 5300 mAh batter and 8MP camera. It surely will check all the boxes for being a good overall product. More can only be known when it is fully released.
For now, what we can take away is the fact that Nokia is ready to change their future and not letting Microsoft deal affect what they once were. They lost the brilliance in the midst of smartphones but came out strong with Lumia brand. Now that its gone, Nokia is re-establishing themselves and let’s see where the fortune wheel will point.


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