Nokia Lumia 720 vs Samsung Galaxy Grand


Samsung is going quiet successful with it’s budget 5 inch smartphone the Samsung Galaxy Grand. In certain ways it is really great with its functionality and features but feels more like a Micromax phone by Samsung. Nokia Lumia 720 is the slimmest Lumia phone in it’s entry. It also has a Carl Zeiss Lens and you can also buy a cover for wireless charging. They are in the same price bracket so it made sense to do a comparison. Nokia Lumia 720 vs Samsung Galaxy Grand it is.


Nokia Lumia 720 has a really solid polycarbonate body. It is really strong and won’t break that easily. All the back panels are glossy and none of them are matte unlike that on the Nokia Lumia 620. It fits really well in your hands. The speakers are really clear yet loud. Samsung Galaxy Grand’s built quality is something you don’t want in a phone. The quality has been compromised, the back is easily prone it dust and scratches even when it is new. The plastic feels really cheap. Design- Nokia Lumia 720.


Samsung Galaxy Grand has a huge 5 inch display compared to Nokia Lumia 720’s 4.3 inches. Both come in the same resolution of 480×800 pixels. So, advantage Lumia 720 as it will pack the same number of pixels closer and amount to a denser display and that is exactly what Lumia 720 has- a better display. Even with the amazing design of WP8, the 720 is much more lovable. Viewing angles are bad on both the phones. Display- Nokia Lumia 720.


Nokia Lumia 720 comes with a 6.1 MP Carl Zies lens. The pictures it can take are beautiful. It can capture good saturation and colour tone. Detailing is fairly good for a phone priced in this bracket. It is not as good as low light shots like it would be from 820. Samsung Galaxy Grand also has a good camera but it just doesn’t capture the photo in that colour tone 720 can and also images are not that sharp. Camera- Nokia Lumia 720.


Samsung Galaxy Grand operates on the Android v4.1.2 Jelly Bean and Nokia Lumia 720 on the Windows Phone 8. Android right now has a much better app ecosystem for both users and developers. Apps still remain a bit scarce on WP8 as compared to Android but as an OS it really is as amazing as iOS or Android, actually might even be better. Software- Samsung Galaxy Grand.


Nokia Lumia 720 has a Qualcomm Dual Core 1GHz processor with 512MB RAM. Samsung Galaxy Grand comes with a Dual Core 1.2GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. It certainly multitasks better and is a tad faster too. Both have expandable memory options. Nokia Lumia 720 also offers you NFC whereas the Grand does not. The lumia 720 has a much better battery life as compared to the Galaxy Grand. Performance- Nokia Lumia 720.

Final Verdict

Only the apps seems to be missing on the Nokia Lumia 720. Otherwise, it has a much better battery life, it looks better, the camera seems to be better obviously and it can do things the Grand cannot. Go to Galaxy Grand if and only if you care for a 5 inch display for a lower price tag. Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Nokia Lumia 720- Nokia Lumia 720 wins.


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