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Nokia was under a lot of trouble early 2011 when it significantly lost its mobile consumptions and their shares suffered. The loss in the revenue was staggering. Nokia was overtaken by Samsung as the world’s largest mobile phone distributor. Samsung yet remains on the top in overall distribution of phones including all the basic, feature and smart phones. Nokia had to do something and Microsoft was coming up with their latest OS the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. They clubbed together and produced a brilliant range of devices called the Lumia. Nokia Lumia 610 was the third in command behind Nokia Lumia 900 and Nokia Lumia 800. Nokia Lumia 610 fell in the budget smartphone price range. Let us know more about this device.

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The Nokia Lumia 610 has a very basic and simple design. It is not exactly curved on the corners but the whole edge of the phone is slightly curved. Nokia Lumia 610 has a 3.5mm headphone jack, volume rockers and a microUSB port. This smartphone has a brilliant finish to it and the phone really feels great with its smooth finish. The screen is a little too sensitive though protected as it has a Gorilla Glass, it needs a scratch guard of some sort otherwise the screen starts to lose its luster and brilliant finish. You also get awful amount of covers to protect the body from various brands. Nokia sticks to their creative bone over all of Lumia phones and makes the Nokia Lumia 610 available in 4 brilliant vibrant colors which are- Cyan, Magenta, Black and White.


Nokia has provided this phone with a beautiful display. The phone has a 3.7 inch TFT Capacitive touchsreen display. It has a moderate resolution of 480×800 pixels with a relatively higher pixel density of 252ppi. The colors on the display look really vibrant which is a result of the display properties itself but also the amazing software of WP 7.5 Mango. The viewing angles of the phone could have been much better. But overall the display looks very sharp and is very good to look at. The basic UI is really amazing and the Windows Live Tiles are available in different colors with a light or dark background to make the display rich and more fun.


Camera has become a very important integral part of a smartphone in recent times. The camera can be the make it or break it situation for many buyers out there but when they consider this device, they should be least bothered. The phone comes with an amazing 5 MP primary camera. Sadly there is no secondary camera on it; it takes away the option of video calling if you would have liked it that way. The images have good saturation levels and the colors are quiet accurate. It does not capture the macro shots in great detail but still they look really good. There are no fancy settings you could tweak the images with. The maximum resolution in which the images are taken is 2592х1944 pixels. The camera has a good touch to it, it is pretty decent.



Nokia Lumia 610 runs on the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. It came as a breath of fresh air into the mobile operating world dumping the icons and welcoming live updated live tiles that gives you latest updates for your applications. This is the conventional home page. Swipe to the right and you get the list of applications you have on the smart phone. The search engine is provided by Bing, I mean obviously WP 7.5 is by Microsoft. Nokia’s own applications the Nokia Drive, Nokia Music and Maps are the best in their category. Nokia Music adds a whole new dimension to not just listening to music but exploring music as well. We can say Microsoft’s mobile OS was more of a Beta as it had tons to improve upon. It is fresh but WP 7.5 lacks the number of applications and variety when you compare it to the ones on iOS and Android.


People might take phone for fancy looks or camera but it should perform. Nokia Lumia 610 has an 800 MHz ARM Snapdragon Qualcomm processor and 256MB of RAM. This combination is more than enough to circle around the Windows Phone 7.5 applications and provide a decent performance. It is all thanks to the Windows Phone 7.5 that it eats up less RAM for the OS to run its basic components, it is a light OS overall.


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