Nokia Black Apps Update


Nokia just updated lots of their apps. This is going to make Lumia mobile phone users really love their phone more. They are calling it the Nokia Black Update. Along with their devices, this is their last gift to us by their tag name.

Nokia Beamer

This is an absolutely magical app on WP8. Earlier with the Nokia PhotoBeamer, you could share photographs and now with Nokia Beamer you can mirror you display on any other WP device. It is not purely instantaneous but it does a fairly good job. You generate a QR code on the phone you want to view the display on, scan it with the host device and boom. Does not matter which phone you have (WP), you can view a Nokia Lumia 920’s display on the Nokia Lumia 720’s display. Instead of the QR Code, you can also choose to use a simple link.

Nokia Storyteller

Nokia Storyteller
As the name suggests, this app wants to show you the images in from of a story. The app tags your pictures by place and it links it to HERE Maps. You can even go to the maps app and know where each of them was exactly taken, obviously it tells you where it was taken. The ad is really “fascinating” and so is the actual app. It is a great app to have on holidays.

Nokia Glance Notifications

Nokia finally introduces you proper notifications. It is really improved and woks pretty smooth now. It will show you all you want in that standby screen of yours. They have also added a pedometer which measures your steps and displays it on the glance notification screen.

Nokia Camera App

Nokia camera app
If you own one of the higher end Nokia Lumia devices, you are going to love what is coming for you. The new camera app is smartphone UI and software redefined. It brings you the best from everywhere. Now you have different modes for low light and moving objects. This basically allows the camera to fix saturation and sharpness, be a little creative. You obviously have your manual settings available too.

Instagram and Vine


Wrap Up

Windows Phone 8 is just getting better and better. It has a whole lot of awesome now. Apps are flowing in, the ecosystem is growing and its improving fast. Soon enough, WP8 will be everything you need it to be. I am going to go buy a Nokia Lumia, are you?


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