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Fitness apps are really cool. Today in this review I will tell you how the Nike Plus Running app works and how accurate it is. I really love this app personally and have been using it since Sept 2013. I use this application to track my pace over the days, weeks and months. I use it to know what pace I am currently running at and more than anything I use it for motivation.

Nike Running

The first thing you see

Let me talk about the design here. Nike is known for their awesome design in their products. They are all instantly likeable and very comfortable. Be it shoes, shorts, sweatshirts, socks absolutely anything, you can buy Nike and be satisfied. The app is just like that. The user interface is easy to get familiar with and it really looks amazing.

Nike Running

The Real Deal

Nike Running App lets you choose from using the app indoors or Out before you run. Obviously the outdoor running is tracked by a GPS. So, the accuracy of your run actually depends upon how good that GPS is working. I have an iPhone 5 and it generally gives me great accuracy. I tracked my distances with my bike and Google Maps and according to them the phone actually gives me a 25-70m less around a 6-7km run. That is almost accurate and the calculated accordingly through your time and distance, well you know how the formula works.

So, choose your orientation- are you holding the phone? Is it on your left armband or right? Next thing you do is choose your music. You can choose a playlist or just the whole library and even no song at all. If you enable cheers, it will send a message on your timeline of Facebook and while you are running, if someone likes it then you will hear a roar from your phone while running given you are connected to the internet. Oh yeah, the most important part- to run you DON’T need to be connected to the internet. You just need to have a GPS. Back to the point, then you wait for a green light from your GPS signal and RUN!

Nike Running

Choose Your Mode, Beat Your Best

There are various modes of the run- Basic Run which as the name suggests is just starting the run and that’s all. Then there is a distance run, in which you tell the app how long you want to run and as you approach closer, Nike Plus Running App motivates you to push harder and you can even choose a power song to further drive yourself to do that. Next is the time run, which you might use for endurance. Just set in the time and run. Next you have the Speed Run. In this you actually set a goal to beat your best 1K or 5K or 10K….well you get the idea. It would tell you’re constantly to speed up if and when needed and provide you with constant motivation.

Nike Running

What you see after the Run

I told you already what the app does during the run, now let’s talk about after. Just after you finish, some celebrity or more likely an athlete will be congratulating you on running. If you have run more miles this week than last, they will let you know that. They will also let you know if you have run more frequently than last. Nike Plus Running app then asks you to tell it if you ran on a road, beach, track or trail. It also asks you to enter how you felt after the run by a certain degree to emoticon. You can also input your shoes you are using and Nike Plus Running App will keep track of how many kilometres the shoe has covered.

Nike Plus Running app tells how long your run was, how long, how many calories you burnt and how many Nike Fuel points you collected. You can then share your run on the social media.

Nike Running AppNike Running App also lets you challenge your friends on similar running modes. It gives you weekly or monthly standings amongst your friends. This can really push you to run more and run faster. You can also review your activity over the months or years. I feel really good looking at my progress over the course of time. There is nothing looking at a faster average pace, more Nike Fuel points and Distance.

Nike Running AppA new mode is the Nike Coach. This helps you set goals for a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon (21.1 KM) and Full Marathon (42.2KM). This mode in the Nike Plus Running will provide you with information of what to daily. It will tell you’re the distance to run and when. It will tell you when to rest or cross train. I haven’t actually followed any of it so I can’t tell your how effective it is.

I really love the Nike Plus Running. For every barrier you break, there is this flush of happiness that rushes through. I have been running for a long time and injury has constrained me but I am not ready to leave it. I like to be controlled and this app helps me do that. It also tempts me to go faster and break my personal best records but well I got to think better. This app is hands down one of the simplest and best of the running apps available on iOS or Android or Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry.


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