Move: Android Game Review


There is yet another awesome game I came across. It is called “Move”. It challenges your problem solving skill and makes you think in all possible ways you can. Move is simple. You are given 3 circles that need to be placed in 3 blue boxes.

Move gives you limited moves to make it to the next level. The bare minimum gives you perfect 3 stars, one less is 2 and then a 1. Move is certainly fairly simple in the beginning but it starts to challenge you after a certain level. You can make it more difficult for you if you only want your score to be perfect.
And sometimes your brain just won’t coordinate so well as to get the level done.

Even if all the levels seem too easy to be perfect. There is a mode in which the 3 circles are of different colours. Now, the 3 boxes that need these circles are of the 3 colours as well. You would need to get the correct circle in the correct box in those specifically restricted number of moves. Move is surely a game to try and get your brain mapping and thinking of how to solve the given level. It can surely get your cognitive mojo going on.

Try Move on the Android Google Play Store.


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