Motorola Project Ara. YOU HAVE TO KNOW THIS!


Motorola in Oct 2013 had come up with something stunning. It will surprise and excite in ways technology never has. The original phone concept came from the beings of Photobloks. These cool guys aired their concept on YouTube and caught the eye of many. Though they were unaware, in these streams of people looking at this thing that went viral was some significant figure from Motorola or Google. Now they share this common interest and are working to make it happen.

Motorola Project AraMotorola says they want to do something for the open source hardware, something that Android did with open source mobile software. There will no longer be just the customizable software but also the hardware of your phone. Motorola could relate much closer to it as their Moto Maker was something that was on the similar lines but only giving power over only the looks of the smartphone in terms of colours. Hence with Project Ara, Moto Maker will be the greatest open source hardware tool.

When this project opens up for mainstream consumers, it will be the most powerful tool ever given to mankind. Everyone loves their smartphone. People are ready to kill over an argument over Samsung or Apple. With this, almost every phone will be personalized. You can put different sensors on it, if you crack the display then replace it with a cheap one easily, choose to have better battery, a different camera and almost every other aspect you can think you would want to change in your phone related to the hardware.
Motorola Project Ara
The Module Development Kit (MDK) has been released. It is unknown as to when will we see this in actual practice but we hope soon. Motorola’s Project Ara is the most fascinating innovative idea in recent times. All eyes on you Motorola, make it count.


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