Motorola Moto E vs Xolo Q700


Motorola has turned the budget smartphone market on it’s back. Motorola Moto E is an ace in the pack of cards, it just stands out from the herd. Now, when you go to the shopkeeper and give him your budget telling him what you want in your phone Motorola Moto E will be a direct answer along a very few. When you see the pricing, there is an 87% chance you will select the Motorola Moto E. But let us see the competition. One of the closest that came to my mind when I thought which phone would really stand against the Moto E, the answer was Xolo Q700. For a long time now I have been asking people to check this phone out. It really is amazing. Too long an intro for a face off so let us just cut the chase.


Motorola Moto E and the Xolo Q700 have magnificent built qualities for budget smartphones. The design on the duo is almost the same. It captures and lays on your hand in a similar way. Moto E is a tad smaller than the Xolo Q700 and a tad thicker as well. I do not think solely on design this is going anywhere. Based on the built quality though both are great I prefer the Xolo Q700 because of the nice soft touch back. It feels so soft and you love to hold it a tad more than Moto E. The Motorola Moto E loses because the matte feels more like rubber and not actual matte. Just to select one, I think I will select the Xolo Q700 based on build and design.


Motorola Moto E has a 4.3 inch display and the opposition here, Xolo Q700 has a 4.5 inch display over the same resolution- 540×960 pixels. Obviously for displays having same resolution, the one with the smaller size is denser and more detailed. But I would prefer the Xolo Q700 on overall presentation and the colour palate. It is more natural and seems kind of sharper. But on paper yes the Moto E should be sharper. Also the Xolo Q700 has better viewing angles. Overall: Xolo Q700 takes this one as well.


This one is a close one as well. Actually no, both the phones do have the same ‘5MP’ but very different sensors. And believe me the Xolo Q700 does have the better one here. It can perform HDR photography and yes it is not just a gimmick thing they just say, it does work it’s magic. Moto E is a rather nice sensor which does not have that feature but it is just right. Just comparing the photos, it is a lot closer but the camera UI of Xolo Q700 has a lot more to offer to you. Camera: XOLO Q700.


I really love the fact Motorola Moto E is able to offer you the latest for the least possible price. Moto E gives you the Android v4.4 KitKat with a guaranteed further update of the latest Android version next. Xolo Q700 can only offer you Android v4.2 Jelly Bean. You get the additional software features than v4.4 has to offer over v4.2. That is all because their own user interfaces are more like stack Android and do not carry any amazing features.


Moto E operates on a Dual Core Snapdragon 200 processor and the Xolo Q700 on the MTK Quad Core processor 1.2GHz. On paper and in reality as well the Xolo Q700 is faster, it does more. It runs your heavy games much smoother than the Moto E. Xolo Q700 does not have a better battery life though. They offer you the same amount of internal and expandable memory. Performance: Xolo Q700.



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