Motorola Moto E vs Motorola Moto G


I have had this question a lot, should I take the Motorola Moto G or the Motorola Moto X? People look at both the specification and they always question, okay so what more does it offer? Some just want to know why the extra 7,000 INR for? So let us compare the two and see what they have or not have compared to each other.


They both look very similar and they feel very similar. The Motorola Moto G is just slightly larger with a much better matte cover on the back. When you hold both the phones, the Moto G instantly feels much better and you know the material on the back panel is better than on the Moto E. Motorola Moto E is not bad at all, Moto G is just that much better. Moto E has a good feel, it has a much thinner layer of the matte and hence it is less soft. So, yes the Moto G takes kudos here starting in the built and design. The sole design is actually the same but the Moto G gets more marks on built.


This is why most people blindly choose the Moto G. The Moto G has a 4.5 inch HD display that is a 720×1280 pixels resolution, whereas the Moto E cannot keep up to have a HD display. But, mind me, the display on the Moto E is very dense. It is smaller as well with 4.3 inch long. The display on the Moto E has a 540×960 pixels. It is one of the best display you can have on a phone that costs as less as the Rs. 7000. Here in the display as well you see CLEARLY why the Moto G justifies the cost. Is it worth it? Hell yes!


This is where I think I see a saturation and equal standards. Both of the phones have a 5MP camera. The only difference is that the Moto G has a flash whereas the Moto E does not. And quite frankly I really never use the flash, it spoils photos. The lens is similar I guess because most of the photos taken, they have the same kind of exposure, shadows and colors. They are equally okay under bad lighting conditions. This is where I think Moto G does not offer much over the Motorola Moto E. Also, Moto E lacks a front facing camera, so if you really want to video call, you better take another phones. Slefies can be taken from the back camera as well!

Software and Performance

Both the phones, the Moto G and Moto E work on the v4.4.2 KitKat Android OS and the same UI so there is no difference here at all. The Moto G has a tad better battery life has well compared to the E. And the most crucial thing is the processor, the Moto G has the much faster Snapdragon 400 whereas the Moto E has the Snapdragon 200 processor by Qualcomm. Both have 1GB RAM. They both offer 8GB internal memory. Actually, the Moto G comes in a 16GB model as well. The Moto G does not have expandable memory whereas the Moto E can expand it to as much as 32GB. Here you pay more for the faster processor and a tad better battery life.


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