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We know smart watches were coming. And now they are here but no one seems to make their presence felt more than the Motorola Moto 360. It is a device that is an actual watch and smart. Other smartwatches tend to get away being chunky in design and being too heavy in being a watch. Moto 360 is just right.

Talking about the design, the Moto 360 is brilliant. With a premium metal coating round the watch, you could not feel any better. To add to that the leather strap is just phenomenal and feels perfectly nice on your wrists. It is just 11.3 mm thick like any other watch. If you like G Shock kind of watches, it is even thinner so it is not a problem at all. It is light enough to make you feel it is not there. Moto 360 is the best design on a smartwatch period.

The display is round and simply beautiful. It is touch screen with a resolution of about 320×290 pixels. The display on Moto 360 is perfectly accurate and the software just looks stunning on it. There is not much to say about the display rather than it has great viewing angles and that is just looks brilliant.

Android Wear software is that Moto 360 is made of. With great apps for the watch, Motorola builds a nice user interface. It does not add features to the Android Wear but enhances them. The software actually is what the Moto 360’s personality is made of. With Google Now on the go, you almost feel like spy talking to your watch and getting the answers. Various typefaces between digital and analog are simply stunning and beautifully designed.

Moto 360 comes with a handy wireless charger that does not bother you with much. Just place the back of your watch on it and it will be charged. It also works as a great fitness tracker with built in GPS and pedometer to count your steps and track your activity all day long. The watch is water resistant as well.

Right now the Moto 360 retails for about 249 USD.


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