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New technology is evolving in a heartbeat. Things companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung etc are making these days is absolutely incredible. Who could have thought even 10 years back that you could search the world from your pocket, afford fitness tracking, GPS tracking, listen to music, watch movies just from something you carried in your pocket. The new amazing tablet from Microsoft takes their original idea and feeds on it. They tried to do a lot with the Microsoft Surface Pro and it was just there but not really. The sequel came closer but again not really. The latest Microsoft Surface Pro 3 takes the idea of bringing you the world of “total” computing in a single entity has faced actual reality. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is something you would want to use. Let us have a look at this new beauty.


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Design

It is a very difficult thing to craft something that will have all the fire power in the world and yet be moderately portable. Further to evolve that into something beautiful takes majestic creativity and hardware engineering of the highest quality. Microsoft has surely pushed the envelope with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It is lighter and thinner than it’s previous models. The tablet is bigger too. They have designed this in a way you would feel comfortable using it as a tablet and also as a laptop, a really thin and light one.

Looking at the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 just blows my mind. The built is really nice. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has been made with magnesium. It feels really solid but also amazingly soft to touch. It fits really comfortable in your hands. The main extension that you “have to” buy is the Type Cover (it is a keyboard and a cover). It is better and uses the same magnetic clip to fuse with the body of Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The Type Cover really completes your experience. They keys on the surface are significantly better. They are of the size you want it to be, they are not small like many other “attach-on” keyboards.

The hinge on the back lets you lay the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 at different angles. It is really strong and the hinge is on the main body, it is not something you would need to buy. Without the hinge there would be no use of the type cover. All of it give into making this tablet the ultimate product. It just feels like a keyboard when you use it with the hinge with the Type Cover. Read on to see if it has the hardware firepower to actually be considered as a keyboard.


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Display

Microsoft has reached out and flapped their hands and legs to achieve something great here. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has a 12 inch display which has a resolution of more than full HD. Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s 12 inch has a res of 2160×1440 pixels. That is about 216ppi pixel density. The display is very beautiful. I don’t think Microsoft knows how to screw up a larger display, it is just something they never did. I would beg to differ on their smartphones though. Full HD content just lights up your world. It looks so beautiful and sharp on the display. The color tones is absolutely incredible. The only problem you can have is with the viewing angles. Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s display is very glossy and in direct sunlight it just amplifies. It is not a good sign.


With the 5MP on the back and an HD camera on the front the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has decent camera option. I do not think you would be really using the camera on board, the front facing camera yes surely but the back, I doubt it. The pictures are okay from the primary camera but not really good. It does not need to be there anyway. You are not going to carry a 1.76 pound chunk around muscling your way clicking photos. Be smart and use a smartphone to achieve that. Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s front camera is an ideal sensor for vide calling.


Windows 8.1

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 uses the Microsoft Windows 8.1. It is pretty much the same as the previous one as per design. The functionality also remains the same. 8.1 is more of an improvement over the desktop. Windows 8.1 has similar live tiles and through and through reflects Microsoft’s OS in a very seamless way. The OS is really responsive and you would love it.


Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The battery life on this beast is kind of cool, it gets you about 8 hours of battery backup. If it is not enough then sadly there is nothing more you can do. You can always monitor your apps like a hawk and not crunch much out of it anyway. With moderate usage you should get a bit more but yeah 8 hours is the number I would wisely choose for you. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 comes with a 4th Gen Intel i3, i5 or i7 processor along with 4GB or 8GB of RAM. It surely is a beast with all that it has to offer. Obviously you give the most of the i7 with 8GB RAM and least price for the i3 along with 4GB RAM. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 also has a Surface Pen which is a beautiful aluminum entity that makes sense with such a tech beauty.


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