Microsoft makes Office Apps free on iOS and Android


Microsoft have made quiet a few changes since Nadella has taken over. And now a drastic measure comes along the lines of Microsoft Office. The Microsoft Office bundle sold so many apps on the App Store on iOS last year when it released, with millions of downloads within a week even though it was priced at a compelling rate.

As of today, the Microsoft Office Apps are going to be available for free on Apple products. Microsoft is no longer asking for a dime on them. Go to the app store and download the best documenting apps now. They are free on Android as well.

Microsoft has also announced that they will be integrating the Office Application along with Dropbox, the biggest cloud storage media in the world. There will be new features and a lot of it will have to do with the world wide web. This might well be the end of Google Drive as we know it. I used Google Drive to save my Docs and Presentation but now with Microsoft building something with dropbox, I can surely say goodbye to Google Drive.

Microsoft Office is not going anywhere, it is just getting better and free means it will surely stay here forever.


Author: Sinha

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