Locking your Bitcoins with your heartbeats! Gadgets could not get any better!


Bitcoins are unique and they are famous. Bitcoins are a complicated peer to peer standard for online currency. There are a lot of ways to obtain these bitcoins and it is heavily expensive. Being the important entity it is these days, Bitcoins security is a point of concern. Though the currency itself rises from the ashes bound by cryptic codes, they are “the” stuff to be hunted by hackers.

In this desperate time, a biometric company came out with just the thing we needed. Bionym is a startup and they have a new wristband releasing this April- the Nymi. Nymi will use your unique heart rhythm to authenticate the band’s security and specifically be used in the app that will secure your Bitcoin wallet.

The TIME, just a while back told the world how Bitcoins are becoming the medium of currency for the black market. This surely raises some concerns as terrorist groups and all sorts of local hyenas purchase products of destruction through these Bitcoins. Due to it’s highly complex cryptic code that deceives every CPU it goes through, tracking Bitcoins is certainly close to not. Then there is the other half using this for actual transaction of work and services. For them, this product is surely going to protect from anyone rise tapping into this portal of wealth.

Bionym will ship the Nymi in April 2014 for about $79. Nymi will protect everything with your heartbeat. No one except you will be able to spend these Bitcoins. Your Bitcoins wallet is not safely tied to your heartbeat. They are also going to roll out their SDK so that you can develop for Nymi and use it’s unique features to craft new apps.


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