LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a very compelling phone with one of the best specifications and incredible quality to back it up. But, it is not the only one. Today we put the LG G3 to test against the massive Galaxy Note 4. Both are large phones and have incredibly amazing displays. This is going to be an intense one.


LG G3 is trying to fool your eyes and you realize that when you hold the phone. The LG G3 has this metallic finish look but it really isn’t metal. It is plastic that looks like metal. The phone has an amazing curved back and real short bezel that gives the phone better shape and size to get a hold on. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on the other hand has a very flat surface and is overall quiet larger than the LG G3. It does have a metallic ring around the edges but the back panel is still not all that great. This one surely goes to LG G3.


This is one place you really cannot choose. Both these displays are high end, Quad HD displays. On one hand we have the resolution on the 5.5 inch display of LG G3 and on the other hand the same resolution on the 5.7 inch display of Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The colours are not all that different as well. The LG G3 has the better balance and saturation but Note 4 is not far behind of pathetic at all. Both these displays are a treat to watch and have in the tech world on these smartphones.


LG G3 is a good camera. It has a 13MP sensor and what matters the most in this camera is the laser auto focus that accounts for better low light and better stabilized shots than the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. But on the other hand though the 16MP sensor might not be the hero for low light shots, the ones in average lighting are much better. They have a softer and more realistic tone to them when put against the LG G3’s samples. Though it is still oversaturated, it simply is better than the LG G3. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has the better camera UI as well with more features for pre and post picture processing.


Both these phones run on the v4.4.4 KitKat thought soon they should receive an Android v5.0 Lollipop update. LG G3’s UI is cleaner but Samsung’s TouchWiz does offer better features for the larger canvas which can be efficiently used with the S Pen. It is an advantage and hence the Note 4 gets the kudos on this one.


These phones are phenomenally fast. You really cant differentiate the speed just using it but lets just say both these phones don’t lag and they give a very clean performance. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 does come with the faster Snapdragon 805 processor. It also has a much better battery performance. They share the same internal and expandable memory schemes. Hence this one goes to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well.
OVERALL WINNER: Samsung Galaxy Note 4


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