LG G3 vs HTC One M8


HTC One M8 is my personal favourite Android phone. I have not had much time on the LG G3 but I am still pretty familiar with LG G3. HTC One M8’s design gives it an edge over most of it’s flagship competitors. LG G3 gets its edge from the mind blowing specifications, the display in particular.


HTC One M8 is the best in its class when it comes to design and built quality. Last year’s HTC One was amazing and they took it a notch further this year. HTC One M8 is 90% metal compares to last year’s 70%. It has a smoother metal finish on the back that makes it very soothing to hold. LG G3 is made out of plastic though the finish is something similar to that of the HTC One M8 but you are still holding plastic though it looks like metal. The amazing engineering has also resulted in the amazing Beats BOOM SOUND which give you the loudest and the clearest sound on a smartphone. Design: HTC One M8.


LG G3 has the densest display in the smartphone market with a 5.5 inch 2056×1440 pixels resolution. On the other hand HTC One M8 has a 5 inch display with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels i.e full HD display. Even though the difference is a full 0.5 inch, the LG G3 has a denser display though side by side you cannot confer that and justify. There is no denying that the LG G3 has a beautiful and crystal clear display but so does the HTC One M8. There are no issues of viewing angles or black levels. Display: Tie.


HTC One M8 has a highly criticised 4MP Ultrapixel camera. LG G3 has stuck to a general 13MP camera. HTC One’s camera can take some really highly detailed shots compared to the LG G3 but its colours are no match for the LG G3’s brilliance. HTC One M8 takes some under saturated shots. LG G3 has incredible shutter speed and takes the fastest shots. HTC One M8 takes some mind boggling low light shots, better than any other smartphone and LG G3 is no match for the HTC One M8’s brilliance here. If you are very social with your photos you will prefer the Ultrapixel camera which give you better shots in restaurants and places you will more likely being going after the sun is down. LG G3 will give you overall awesome, amazing photos in any condition just not low light.


Both the phones are made to run on the Android v4.4.2 KitKat OS but with different user interfaces. HTC Sense 6 UI on the HTC One M8 is way more advanced and better designed that the LG G3’s UI. It offers you wide variety of apps by HTC which also includes the amazing UI for the camera. And the highly complex HTC Blinkfeed. LG G3 has better features that way but nothing I think I would use. Software: HTC One M8.


Like the main OS, the processor supporting both the phones is the same- Snapdragon 801 by Snapdragon. The RAM on the LG G3 is 3GB and HTC One M8 gives you 2GB but there is no visible enhancements in performance when you use them both side by side. They are both smooth phones, really smooth. The difference arrives at battery usage. HTC One M8 has the kind of battery saving mode that everyone would want. If you are running out of fuel but it in the save battery mode and you can easily go to your home the next day and still use the phone without charging. Performance: HTC One M8.

Overall Winner: HTC One M8


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