LG G3 vs Apple iPhone 6


LG G3 is a phone that had made a lot of buzz thanks to its one of a kind laser AF camera and the Quad HD Display (now even the Note 4 has the QHD Display). Apple iPhone 6 has it’s share of the awesome camera innovations and a great display as well. They come from different ecosystems but you surely gonna think which one to put your money on. Let us simplify it for you.


LG G3 has this great curved back that fits your hand much better than the Apple iPhone 6. But the iPhone 6 certainly feels so much better with the aluminum built with the smoothest finish ever. That hefty amount you are going to pay should feel worth it and build quality is surely one of the boxes you need to check for that. LG G3 does have a good built but it is still plastic. And there is just no beating to the Apple design and built quality. I will leave you to decide if you just want the phone to feel premium or do you want it to feel comfortable.


On one hand there is one of the densest display on the planet on the LG G3 and on the other is the most beautiful display overall with the Apple iPhone 6. There is no beating the Retina HD display. There is a reason Apple calls their display “Retina”. It is just the most realistic colours digitally created. Even though LG G3 does not have such balanced warmth and saturation, it is crazy sharp and it one of the best in full HD playback. For all there is I really cannot decide which display is better. But I think the LG G3 display is better. Display: LG G3.


Photos is all about real elements. As real as you can get them to be. Apple iPhone 6 is the best smartphone camera on the market now. The colour presentation is as realistic as it can it. It clicks faster than the laser AF of LG G3 which was the fastest before Apple iPhone 6 came along. Apple iPhone 6 can take 240fps slow motion video, something the G3 cannot. LG G3 has a better interface, it lets you play with all the elements of your photo. In Apple’s case you have to buy this awesome app VSCO camera to achieve the same. But just talking about the plain sensor I do not think LG G3 is even a competition for iPhone 6. Camera: Apple iPhone 6.


I think iOS 8 is in that position to stand and strong arm Android. The new features have made me confident to call the iOS ecosystem much better than Android. The Android users boast about customization, god knows many of them do not even know what their wallpaper is or how to actually play with Android customization. iOS is a way better platform considering quality of apps and functionality. Even iOS 8 is so much more open now with the extensions feature. I really love whatever iOS 8 has been able to achieve. Software: Apple iPhone 6.


They are different ecosystems as I mentioned. Even though the Apple A8 processor on the iPhone 6 is faster on paper you don’t see it doing anything other than what Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 can do on the LG G3. The LG G3 is as smooth and as fast in actual practice. These phones perform well in their respective response times. LG G3 does have expandable storage whereas iPhone does not. The iPhone 6’s battery is inferior to the LG G3 by quiet a margin. Performance: LG G3.



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