LG G Watch R Preview


There are quite a few smart watches that you can get in the market right now. Android Wear is booming and every company is trying this new piece of brilliant software and introducing their smart watches. LG had introduced the LG G Watch with a rectangular design and not a long time after, they have released the better LG G Watch R. The “better” starts right from the design. Motorola 360 was the only round smart watch available and had released alongside the LG G Watch G and now Watch R joins the club.

LG G Watch R has 100% genuine leather straps which are quiet thick and of brilliant quality, nothing about this is average in any way. The round smart watch has markings on the type face. The LG G Watch R is water resistant and dust proof. It has a built in pedometer and heart rate monitor as well. The P-OLED display is really beautiful and has this really clean way of showing the general time. You can just lift the watch and the display automatically activates to show you the time.

The usual watch dial is used as a power button and home button for the watch. LG G Watch R runs the Android Wear software and has the material design as that of the Android Lollipop. It is clean and has most of the functionality of the phone. Google Now is now at the power of your hands, you can talk to the watch like a spy and get your answers. There are so many typefaces that you can customize with and change your home screen.

LG G Watch R comes with the Snapdragon 400! There are tons of phone that have lesser and phone that have about the same processing speed as that of the Snapdragon 400 and here you have LG G Watch R running it on a 1.3 inch display. LG G Watch R has 512MB RAM and 4GB storage space.



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