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LG recently released their curved phone, the LG G Flex. Before this phone came I thought Curved phone can be anything in the future but right now I just do not see the point and after it, nothing has changed. LG G Flex is still a phone with high end specs but yeah, the curved body. Let us have a closer look.

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LG G Flex’s curved design is not so exaggerated thanks to the large dimensions. The phone is pretty huge actually. It feels pretty normal in hands but as the phone is so huge, you might have difficulties reaching certain buttons. The built is that of a really glossy plastic which has self-healing properties. For starters, the LG G Flex can fight moderate scratches and over time they will fade away. Also if your phone falls down or something, because of the flexibility the phone absorbs the energy of the fall and hence causes no major damage.


Why is the phone huge? Well, it has a 6.0 inch curved display. LG G Flex actually has no use of the curved display here at all. There is nothing additional you are able to do. Over that, the resolution on the display is not full HD, it has a resolution of 720p HD. Apart from that, the display is really wonderful. Gaming and watching movies is no problem for your eye. The colours on the LG G Flex look absolutely amazing. LG G2 was much better, it had 1080p display anyway. This phone should have had something to make use of the curved display but it does not.


Just like the LG G2, the LG G Flex comes with a 13MP camera but without G2’s optical image stabilization. On the up side, the LG G Flex also has so many camera modes to switch on the creative bone in your body. The camera takes really vibrant and colourful photos that tend to be on the over saturated side but it is still really beautiful. The video recording capabilities of the phone is simply amazing. LG G Flex also has a very capable 2.1MP front facing camera.


LG G Flex runs on the Android v4.2.2 Jelly Bean, I question this because the v4.3 was released far before this release and v4.4 was out too. Hopefully there will be an update. LG G Flex stages their new multi window feature which is very handy and makes full use of the 6 inch display. Also swiping in and out for multitasking is pretty cool.


The LG G Flex comes with the amazing Snapdragon 800 along with 2GB of RAM. It is really cool and makes your phone a complete powerhouse. All your apps would run without any problems and they handle the load from the UI without any problems too. It comes with latest of the versions of NFC and Bluetooth. They provide you 32GB of internal storage on the LG G Flex. The battery will take you through a full day of rough usage without any problems.

Final Thoughts

LG G Flex has not changed anything in the smartphone industry except for being accident prone. Obviously it is still a very powerful and feature full smartphone up for your considerations. This is surely a phone worth checking out but as a tech enthusiast it does not wow me much. It is a clean phone and serves you really well.


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