Lenovo X Vibe Preview


Lenovo is going to step up with their new phone which is coming out next week in the 4th week of December. The Lenovo X Vibe promises you state of the art and very powerful specifications along with a promising price and quality. It will feature a 1.5GHz MTK processor with 2GB RAM and Android v4.2 Jelly Bean. With such a powerful environment, we should not expect anything short of raw power from Lenovo X Vibe. The phone will surface a FULL HD 5.0 inch display, their first and I can know for sure it is not going to be anything short of beautiful.

With what I have seen with the leaked images, the Lenovo X Vibe seems to have a great built quality and it won’t be a surprise because all their other phones live on that category alone. The X Vibe is really slim and moderately light. There will be no NFC on board but they will provide you a v3.0 Bluetooth. The Lenovo X Vibe, will also have a 13MP primary camera and 5MP secondary camera. Any other revelations are unknown but the price is out as the phone is available for preorder. You can preorder this phone for Rs. 25999.


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