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iOS 7 is the first complete redesign to iOS since the first iOS on the iPhone. On 18th September 2013 it made it’s way on iTunes for update. iOS 7 for the iPhone (4,4S, 5 and out of the box-5S and 5C), iPad (2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation) and the 5th Generation iPod touch. I updated my iPhone 5 with iOS7 and I did not expect it to be so damn smooth just as iOS 6 was. First thing we notice is the flat design. People say they are copying the flat design from Windows, well then why don’t you blame everyone who make’s smartphones for the standard design? iOS 7 behaves nothing like the WP8. The multitasking surely seems to be a copy-paste though- Agreed. Let us talk about some of the key features of iOS7.

1. Control Centre
iOS 7 Control Center
Control Centre is your easy way to switch on and off your Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth and lock orientation. It can adjust brightness and play the songs for you. You can also switch on the new AirDrop feature from there. Other things include- Flashlight, Watch Timer, Calculator and well- the camera. So the buzz around this one is- Apple copied Android. My answer- bullshit. Why? Because if you have used iOS in the past then you know double tapping the home button gets you to access, screen orientation, songs and apps they just added switching off/on the Wi-Fi and other modes. To access it you can simply swipe up from the bottom.

2. Camera App
iOS 7 Camera App
So there is this really cool camera app. It still does not let us choose the ISO or the WB or stuff like that but it remains simple and gives us bunch of options. What they have added is the new Square Mode to which you can add filters. It takes that Instagram resolution photos with filters by iOS itself. It is still not as good as the camera app that I love on the HTC One. You can swipe to different modes- Video, Photo, Pano and the Square Mode. You can add filters to the standard photo mode itself. Incase you want to add those filters after clicking the photo just select edit and bam. It is nothing revolutionary but yeah, different and new.

3. Notification Centre
iOS 7 Notification centre
Not a huge fan of the new notification centre. Well it does show you the notifications and stuff but it has taken away bunch of my access I found handy on the iOS6. For example, the weather, now I will have to tap into the weather app to see what’s up- is it some lady or is it really hot in this room. I can no longer set a status on Facebook from a single tap, that’s ridiculous. Apart from that, it is really handy for just “notifications”. It categorizes the notification to- Today, All and Missed so that you can see them separately.

4. Multitasking
iOS 7 Multitasking
Here I will be honest- it does seem it has been taken completely off Windows Phone 8. A double tap to the home button reveals multitasking where you have all your running apps and you can switch between them. To close them just swipe up. I starve for an option to close all my running apps with one button but well that’s how lazy we want technology to make us, wicked.

5. Lock Screen
iOS 7 Lock Screen
The lock screen is more or less the same. When music is playing you get the option of changing volume and importantly now you can see the length of music that has been played. Of course you can still switch songs from the lock screen. To unlock your phone you can now swipe from any part of the device. Control Centre and Notification centre are available from the lock screen as well. You can choose to disable that feature if want. When you swipe, it is like a cool shift, if you have a passcode you have to enter that and the phone seamlessly opens it for you. Passcodes can now be simple words as well.

6. Parallax
It is highly noticeable if you are really looking. Hold your phone and just move it at different angles, see how the icons maintain the position and provide you the sense of depth and well- parallax. It really looks great.

7. Design
iOS Home Screen
Well the iOS 7 design it what makes it what it is. They have gone for the flat design overall. All the apps by Apple now look extraordinarily amazing. They follow a colour pattern too. Each Apple on board app has a simple white with an opposite colour to match it- e.g messages have green and the Notes app has yellow. It looks really clean and neat but most importantly – beautiful. The phone dialer, contact book, passbook, the interface to enter passbook, everything has been made so beautiful with rich colour and the flat design. It just sells.

8. Siri
iOS 7 Siri
Siri has improved tremendously. It can now understand my Indian accent way better. It can bring me image results and even search the web for me without opening the Safari app. You can now have a male voice too. Both which are less robotic. I miss the robotic voice though. But Apple being slammed to make the assistant’s so robotic in the past- what’s the harm people?

iOS 7 is simple lovable. It is the biggest change to iOS since iOS. Does my phone feel new after getting iOS 7 in? Yes! I just cant stress the fact enough that the performance has not gone down even a bit. The functionality remains the same which is familiar to previous iOS users. As John Ivy said- “It is so different, yet so instantly familiar.” Well that is the magic of Apple iOS 7 is new, its cool. I like the way it looks, the design, the way it opens an app in a fluid seamless transition rather than click-open-bam. It is the little things which give it a completely redefined look. I love my iPhone 5 more after using the iOS 7.


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