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There is a trend that follows in the Apple community for people who want to enhance their iOS experience or buy paid apps for free for their iPhones or iPads, and that is the Jailbreak. iOS 7 took its time to be jailbroken. In this article we will tell you how to do an iOS 7 Jailbreak.
First thing you all should do is backup your device via iTunes. Backup can be done by clicking on your Phone Summary in iTunes. Once you have backed up, restore your settings from the phone summary and head on to this site:

If you have Mac OS X then download that version and if Windows then the click on Windows. Download your jailbreak tool and install it. Disable your passcode on your Apple device otherwise it might cause some problems. Once you now open the installed evasi0n file, it will automatically recognize your device. If it does not consider re plugging or re booting.
You will see a button called “Jailbreak”, you simply click on that and you are good to go. The process may take to as long as 15 minutes. Make sure you do not, under any circumstances unplug your phone from the computer while the process is underway. Keep monitoring the processor because after the first reboot you are required to unlock the phone and tap on evasi0n 7 app that has been installed during the process. The phone again re boots.
After the second re booth you see evasi0n 7 loading some kernels up. This time instead on the evasi0n 7 app you see Cydia. Launch Cydia so it can initialize your phone. It boots again and you are done with the jailbreak.

Cydia will be your ultimate place to download all the apps that are paid on the Apple App Store and you can also download certain features that give you extra features on the iOS device.
IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG, just restore your phone using the last backup and re do the process.


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