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Necessity is mother of invention. In 2011, Carl Thomson was running in own clothing label out of Auckland, New Zealand. He was so frustrated by maintaining the inventory over manual spreadsheets that he closed down the clothing label and went to create a tool that would make it very easy to do inventory and not be so painful. He then paired with fellow New Zealand duo Cameron and Bradley Priest, with whom he moved to Singapore and got funded which would then be called TradeGecko.

TradeGecko is based out of Singapore with another office in Manila. They have done over a billion USD in transactions and have customers in over a 100 countries. TradeGecko is a SaaS (Software as a service) inventory management over cloud. Their backbone for storage and backup is the leader in the cloud game – AWS (Amazon Web Services by Amazon). TradeGecko is one of the top names in the inventory cloud management service. They provide with customers with many services such as Inventory Management, Product Images, Sales Order, Multiple User Control etc.

Inventory Management over the cloud allows you to do the following things:


  1. Make is amazingly easy to track and update inventory from anywhere at any time and make sure that there are no realtime conflict that occurs if two people are updating the same area or entity.
  2. Centralize all the data that is related to your inventory and give you access to them without writing code on your own but use the user friendly UI and access the metrics you need.
  3. It gives you a platform to predict trends and target the customers that love your products more.
  4. It saves you so much time and money.
  5. It also centralizes all the communications related to your sales and provides a platform to communicate within the group on a specific issue.
  6. Inventory Management also provides you with plugins that you might need to sell your provides or to get data from.


TradeGecko has mastered the Inventory Management over Cloud. Carl Thomson, learning from his own frustration and recognizing the faults has created a seamless platform that focuses your energy just on the most important thing – sales. It does not let other mundane things in the way from your products reaching your customers. It targets ecommerce business owners and this platform is tailor made for them to carry out their business with ease and comfort. It has so many features integrated so that you do not need to go through the cumbersome processes and just focus on the important tasks. TradeGecko uses the most efficient service to store and backup your data which is Amazon Web Services.

The features that TradeGecko provides you are as follows:




Sales Orders: It has got everything covered, all the necessary information fields that need to be filled are ready like Address, Name etc and you just need to review it and change if needed. There are drop down menus available as well if more customization is needed.

Multiple User based: Your team may have many people who need the metrics or need to control operations and for them TradeGecko has the option to add more users to the same account so that you do not pay extra for the same services over the same thing. This is a life saver.

Multi-Warehousing: You can monitor your warehouse locations and flow of all the inventory, both inflow and outflow in real time and even generate a report when needed for a longer duration of time. You can monitor it from anywhere at any time.

Inventory Management: TradeGecko is gold standard in this. You can add, edit and search items with easy and just a few clicks and stroked of the keyboard and all of this will be saved on the backend and backup as well.

Barcode Scanning: TradeGecko software can also take in Barcode and show you the product on the screen or ask you to add it. This is just a seamless experience and makes inventory management that much efficient and faster.

Batch Tracking and Expiry Tracking: You can track the shipments of batches of your products and even get notified of expiry or get the expiry information if needed. This is integrated with the control system so you never miss this even if you do not manually ask for it.

Product Images: TradeGecko allows you to add images for a product or more and more images of different angles or colors to the product and tag it to them.

TradeGecko’s Reporting will provide you with:



  1. A Dashboard.
  2. Legacy Report.
  3. Inventory Reports.
  4. Sales Reports.


All of this will be available with just a single click.

There are many integrations are that available on TradeGecko on various services. They are:




  • Intuit QuickBooks Online
  • Xero


  • ShipStation
  • StarShipit
  • TradeGecko
  • 3D Exporter Plugin


  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Magneto
  • WooCommerce


  • Google Drive
  • Shopify POS
  • Crossfire EDI
  • SalesForce

The pricing of TradeGecko goes as follows:




It costs around $99 which is billed monthly.  It is $79 if you take it for a year. It allows you 2 users on the account. 1 Warehouse can be maintained. 1 Sales Channel. Accounting Integration. Unlimited Currencies.

$249 which is billed monthly ($199 billed monthly for annual subscription). It gives you 4 users, 2 Sales Channel, Multiple Warehouses, B2B e-commerce Portal, Basic User Rights Management.
Business Premium

$449 Monthly and if you have annual subscription then it costs $359. It gives you 8 users, 3 Sales Channels, Multiple Warehouses, API Access, and Advanced Warehousing.

$999 monthly and if you have annual subscription then it is $799. Gives you 20 users, Unlimited Sales Channel, Advanced Warehousing Multiple Brands, and Multiple Warehouses.
To know more of the prices, kindly visit. Sign up for TradeGecko today!


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