Installing android emulator on Windows 10 PC – Multitask with ease


Why use an Android Emulator on Windows 10? Is it worth installing one on your PC today?

It is obvious that people are getting most of their everyday work done on their smartphones. But we all know that nothing can beat a laptop in terms of power, bigger screen, comfortable keyboard and multitasking if not for ever, it is true at this time. So if you are an avid laptop user, you might like to run your favourite android apps on PC. To do this you need Android emulators.

So what are Android Emulators?

Android Emulators are like translators between Android Apps and Windows 10 O.S. It allows the laptop to behave like an Android operating system and somewhat tricks the mobile apps to run on it.

Here are some reasons why you might opt to install an Android emulator on your Windows 10 O.S

Experience Android apps on a bigger screen

Portability is fine but it has its limits. Looking at a smaller screen all day can be boring and may not be relaxing on the body.  When people typically use mobile phones they have to tilt their neck and stay in that position for a long time. This can lead to pain and discomfort. On the flip side, using android apps on PC naturally supports proper body alignment and presents the apps on a bigger screen with a better resolution. This enhances the usability of apps and gives more control on games. So if you want to make a high score in a game, try playing the game on the PC and you will be amazed. Moreover, by using Android Emulators users have access to full-fledged keyboard which makes typing efficient while running chat Android apps.

Save Battery and extend its life

The modern day cell phone batteries do have a long battery backup but it is meant for casual use not for intense gaming. With continuous gaming the battery backup comes down significantly and over time could impair the battery itself. Also, there would be heating problems and damage of internal hardware in extreme situations. With the use of android emulator, users do not need to worry about battery power or heating. Most mobile apps need very less computing in comparison to what a PC normally handles in everyday situations. So these apps when run on a computer are just like small clouds that pass by in the sky. Also, one can go to the playlist and stay connected to the game without network interruptions as internet on PC is more reliable.

Unleash the power of Multitasking

With Android emulator installed in the PC, users can run and use multiple android applications at a time. This is usually not possible on phone, as users need to minimize one to operate the other. On PC users get to use apps in a multi window fashion. For instance, video sharing on the left portion on the screen while WhatsApp is running on the right portion. The bigger screen and higher computing power on PC makes this possible. But to enjoy this feature, make sure you download an Android Emulator that supports simultaneous multiple apps. One of these kinds would be Nox App Player. So with a suitable Android emulator installed, users can watch a video, play a casual game also reply to Whatsapp messages when needed.

Less Devices at the workplace.

When you are able to receive notifications on your laptop or desktop itself, you are relieved from the phone phobia. You have less devices to manage and this increases the efficiency at work.


Author: Prashant Bhardwaj

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