Instagram releases Bolt, the new photo messaging app!


Instagram has rolled out a new photo messaging app that is ready to take on Snapchat: Bolt. Though a month back Facebook released their photo messaging app Slingshot, Instagram has released their version as well. If you do not know, Instagram is owned by Facebook. It functions as a separate company inside Facebook and is able to make their decisions separately, otherwise this would be nothing but a conflict.

The new Bolt app lets you click and share photos and videos with a single tap. You can just click the photo, edit it with the tools provided on the top bar with a grid ready at the bottom containing your Bolt friends. You can only send one photo or video to a single person. Slingshot and Snapchat allow it to be sent to multiple users.

The interface of the editors is the same as that on Slingshot but it has it’s own unique identity. Bolt has a much cleaner and beautiful design compared to Snapchat. Sadly right not, Bolt is only available only in South Africa, New Zealand and Singapore. It will slowly roll out to other countries.


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