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Google was one of the first companies that made the modern email what it is today. They had designed your email to be well organized and be have tools to make your work more productive with e-mail. They have again bought a change that will ripple throughout the planet and pioneer another major design path for the electronic mail. Google has created an app called “Inbox” which for now only works with a Google account.

Google Inbox App is more of a social network take on the e-mail. It organized your mail and previews them like a message you might get on Facebook or Twitter. It has special tags, folders and the usual jazz that follows in electronic mail. The design is just brilliant, the way the mails are absolutely stunning. Inbox by Google gives you a feel something very difference with the minimalistic design and the way they portray everything. Images are better organized, they automatically tag your mails and put them under a specific type. You can even set reminders on this app.

You get a proper feed of all the mails, click on and read it, favorite it if you want and notify read or done once you no longer need the mail to be there. It is just brilliant. If you want to look at a mail tomorrow or later just swipe right and you get those options. Inbox by Google is right now Invite only, either Google sends you an invitation once you request it here or ask a friend of yours to send you an invite.


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