HTC Zoe App coming to Android and iOS


HTC Creative Lab has a great child named the HTC Zoe which was pretty much just for the HTC smartphones. Recently at NYC, HTC announced the HTC Zoe 1.0 for Android and iOS devices. It is a very interactive photo sharing app with a unique twist. Oh we all know people just love the photo social networking app more than anything.

HTC Zoe 1.0 allows you to choose certain videos and photos from your smartphone to share. Then you are asked to put an appropriate filter or use the original. What it will actually do is create a highlight reel of your photos. You have a say on the first photo in the reel and the ending. The software seamlessly creates this highlight video. You can also select an audio to be played during the highlight reel.

You can share this brilliant highlight reel with your friends. You can always discover new people. It is a social networking app. There are going to be some gifted photographers out there with some beautiful photos to be shown. HTC actually wants this to be like a memoir for an event. Say you went to a concert, you share your highlight reel of the concert and you view someone else’s. it is just not one photo but a beautiful and smooth collection of transitioning photos.
HTC Zoe is currently available for Android and will be coming to iOS soon.


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