HTC Re Camera Preview

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HTC is trying to sell something they have not sold before, at least not as a single entity and not with a heavy price tag. HTC is releasing an action camera called the Re Camera. It is the most simplified design you will ever see on any product.

By the looks of it, HTC Re Camera looks nothing short of a periscope. At the bottom resides the microSD card slot which can hold as much as 128GB. The lens is quiet large. It can take a 148 degree wide photograph. The Re Camera can take 1080p full HD video and 720p slow motion video at 120fps. The shutter button is on the thumb rest at the back. There is a click for a photo and a longer press for video. One smaller button located just beneath the lens to activate slow motion video.

The camera does not have a display. You have no way of knowing what the shot you took looks like. The microUSB slot at the bottom is the only way you can connect it to a display and look at the multimedia that your HTC Re Camera has captured. The camera will retail for Rs 12,000.


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