HTC One vs Apple iPhone 5S


Apple iPhone 5S is one of the most incredible smartphone of 2013 but so is the HTC One. Both the phones clash against each other in almost every department. I love the HTC One and I absolutely love the Apple iPhone 5S. Lets get right into them.


Both these stunning smartphones come with possibly the best there is in design and built on any smartphone till date. Both are made with the premium aluminium but the quality seems to be a tad better on the iPhone 5S than the HTC One. But HTC One gives you a much better grip with those precise curves on the back and the design awe comes with those micro drilled speakers with built in amplifiers which are undoubtedly THE best on any smartphone. Design: HTC One.


HTC One packs more pixel density than any other smartphone. Most smartphones have a full HD over 5 inch but HTC One over 4.7 inches and hence more ppi. Though you won’t feel much of a difference but just a for your information fact. Apple iPhone 5S has a very standard 4 inch display with the clearest most beautiful colours on any display. For entertainment surely one would go with the HTC One but overall the iPhone 5S just feels better and more beautiful. Display: Tie.


HTC took a huge gamble by making available just 4MP sensor with a technology they call the Ultrapixel tech. The sensor takes some incredibly detailed photos, as detailed as the iPhone 5S but when it comes to colour saturation, HTC misses the mark. Also the HTC One cannot be resolved to finer pixels because 4MP is still 4MP. Night shots come really awesome on both the cameras. The UI of the camera is much better on the HTC One but overall iPhone 5S takes it. Camera: Apple iPhone 5S.


Apple iPhone 5S works on the flat iOS 7 and HTC One over the HTC Sense UI built over Android v4.2.2 which is now updatable to Android v4.4.2 KitKat. HTC has it’s few features like the HTC Zoe for the camera and the HTC Blinkfeed which is a place where you get updates from your apps. Software: HTC One.


The Apple iPhone 5S works on the Apple A7 64 bit processor and HTC One on the Snapdragon 800. Both phones are really smooth with their respective processors but on paper the A7 is much faster. The NFC is available on HTC One but not on iPhone 5S. Battery life is pretty much the same. Performance: Apple iPhone 5S.



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