HTC One Prime: What we know


Most of the consumers love the numbers. They love to look at things like 662.5GHz Decca Core processor, a gazillion megapixel camera, 50GB RAM and stuff like that. Well for you guys Samsung is always there but joining the party is HTC One M8 PRIME. It is an immediate successor to the HTC One M8, my favorite phone of the year so far.

Here is what we know about the HTC One M8 Prime so far: The phone is going to sport a 5.5 inch LCD 3 Display with a killer resolution of 1440×2560 pixels, this is a step ahead of the general full HD Display. If you do the math it accounts for about 543ppi pixel density which is something the world has not witnessed over a phone so far. There is a similar attempt to achieve such high res by LG on the G3 which is around the corner. That will surely give you the idea as to what the future holds on the HTC One M8 Prime’s display.

I have a number for you again, 3 GB of RAM. Yes the Galaxy Note 3 has it and now even the HTC One M8 Prime will too. It is not always necessary that your RAM be that large it totally depends upon how the company has handled the computation. The usual 128GB of external storage will surface the HTC One M8 PRIME just the original HTC One M8.

There is no surety if you guys will get hands on with the dual camera on the PRIME. HTC might even choose not to use the Ultrapixel camera. What the camera be like is still something in the void. But I hope they do not stick to the Ultrapixel camera.

We will see the software based on Android’s latest version then and the user interface would be their latest HTC Sense 6 probably optimized and enhanced with new features to combat the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that would release later this year. HTC One M8 PRIME is going to be a master piece in the world of smartphones. The release date or even the official announcement date is unknown.


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