HTC One Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note III


This year two of the best phablets released, the HTC One Max and Samsung Galaxy Note III. Samsung gave great quality to the Note III in terms of built quality, something which was long waiting and much needed. HTC One Max has been the first of this kind by HTC. We sense that sales per say, it is not going to be too good for HTC because of their marketing. Leaving that alone, the phone matters, it is HTC One Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note III.


HTC One Max is big with built quality and well of course as per size as well. With the beautiful aluminium body, this phone has one of the best built on any phablet. The nicely curved back makes it easier to hold. The amazing micro drilled speakers give us that massive boom sound from the built in amplifiers, courtesy- Beats Audio. Samsung Galaxy Note III has this leather back, it feels really good but the rather flat back and large size makes portability an issue. Design- HTC One Max.


5.9 inches is “a lot” on a smartphone, HTC One Max has really lived up to their name “Max”. It is a stunning 1080p full HD display. The display looks so, so clean that it melts you and makes you want to look at it all day. The colours look fabulous. Simply wow. Samsung Galaxy Note III’s 5.7 inch display is no less, also full HD. On both the displays you can watch full HD content in a way it’s like flowing liquid. The gaming experience on the larger display is epic. Samsung Galaxy Note III’s display just looks better saturated and has that edge when it comes to showing true colours. Display- Samsung Galaxy Note III.


This is not the war on terms of equal MP’s. But this is something HTC chose. And all we know, the number on the MP does not matter. One thing it does take away is handy resolution and pixel density. Samsung Galaxy Note III’s 13MP camera takes great colourful shots, really well detailed. HTC One Max’s 4MP “Ultra Pixel” camera creates much better detailed shots with more realistic colours but sometimes they tend to get a little under saturated. HTC One Max’s camera also beats Samsung Galaxy Note III’s low lighter performance without a problem. For all we know, it is one of the best cameras under low light. Samsung Galaxy Note III does support 4K video but it has less of significance in times where majority homes still have standard full HD TVs.
Also, Samsung Galaxy Note III’s camera UI gives you more modes and more settings to tweak from compared to HTC One Max, though HTC Zoe comes in really handy. Both their front cameras do great job on self-portraits and video calling.


Samsung Galaxy Note III slam dunks HTC One Max on this front. Both of them use the Android v4.3 Jelly Bean but completely different UI’s. Though just as user interfaces, I like the HTC Sense 5.5 UI more. It is cleaner and just seems right. Samsung Galaxy Note III just makes your phones smarter and it makes more sense. It makes full use of that 5.7 inch display. It has all the features from GS4 and also their own. Things it can do with the stylus.


Samsung Galaxy Note III provides the device with a lot of juice. The smartphone has a Snapdragon 800 processor or the Exynos 5 Octa. It depends on which region you buy the phone from. Whatever, it just is one of the fastest devices around and a stellar performer with 3 gigs of RAM. HTC One Max has a Snapdragon 600, which is a tad slower and also it comes with 2GB of RAM. Both of them have removable battery and expandable memory. They also have NFC and Bluetooth support. Performance- Samsung Galaxy Note III.
htc one max vs samsung galaxy note 3

Final Verdict

HTC One Max is a really great device, but when it comes to the real meaning for a phablet and “smartphone” features, Samsung Galaxy Note III takes the stand. In design and camera, HTC One Max took the stand with just a little margin. Samsun Galaxy Note III is a much better smartphone. With all the awesome things you can do with the stylus, HTC One Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note III- Samsung Galaxy Note III wins.


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