HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3


HTC One M8 is the latest flagship to release behind the Samsung’s Galaxy S5. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 released last year and was trademark Samsung- feature full phone. People who are about to buy a new flagship and are considering these two, hopefully it will make thing clear for you. Let us jump right into it.


This is kind of a no brainer as they say. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has this very normal design and the built quality is not that great. It is like they are trying to fool consumers with the attached leather casing which is actually flexible and over plastic. On the other hand HTC One M8 comes with 90% metallic body with this incredible smooth finish. The curve on the back is even more precise than last year and it fits in your hand perfectly. There is just no match for the HTC One M8 design and built right now. Design: HTC One M8.


Both these phones have full HD display but that is something so standard for flagships that it is news if you do not have a full HD display on board. They vary in display size though- HTC One M8 has a 5 inch display and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a 5.7 inch display. It is obvious that the HTC One M8’s display is sharper and denser because it has the same resolution over a smaller display. And hands down I think the colour representation of the display on the HTC One M8 is far better. Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s display colours seem to be very materialistic and artificial. Display: HTC One M8.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a 13MP camera and the HTC One M8 has a 4MP UltraPixel camera. Both the phones can take some really detailed photos but HTC One M8 takes some washed off photos but on the bright side it takes one of the best low light photos there is. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 takes really bright and well coloured photos. It is a beautiful sensor also capable to capturing 4K video. HTC One M8’s photos cannot be cropped because of the low resolution and even though the detailing is good, the subjects out of focus do not come too good. Their camera that takes depth information is pretty cool but the software needs to be better to use it efficiently. Camera: Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


This is probably the most heated topic of all the entities. Both the phones are on the v4.4.2 KitKat OS but, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 operates over the TouchWiz UI and HTC One M8 has the HTC Sense UI. Both have their fair share of good integration of software and features but Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s features are just amazing. Click here to check out the full review and read about those features. That clearly gives Samsung Galaxy Note 3 the advantage. Software: Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


Snapdragon 801 by Qualcomm is the processor fuelling both the phones clocking them at 2.3GHz with 4 cores. They are actually pretty fast, no lag at all. It is a flawless experience to use both these phones. Both of them give you top class battery life and all the features such as NFC, Bluetooth and expandable storage. Actually you can expand HTC One M8’s storage to up to 128GB. I would call this a tie.


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