HTC One M8 vs Google Nexus 5


HTC has been putting out great phones and have been coming up short in sales because of the strong marketing budget of a company called Samsung. Google on the other hand just wants to try to roll out the pure Android phone without an artificial skin over it. HTC One M8 and Nexus 5 both use the Android v44.2 KitKat but HTC has it’s own Sense 6 UI that takes over that Android KitKat.


Google has really upped the quality over their design on the new Nexus 5. It is a rather flat and flat out design with very slight curves over the edges. The built quality is pretty nice as well, the soft touch back gives your hand a very simple hold and you would not have any complaints. On the other hand the HTC One M8 takes built quality a step further with the full aluminium body. The curve on the back is better than before and it just grips your hand perfectly. Nexus 5 does not have a curve back for your hands and just fit, HTC One M8 is simpler and the aluminium is any day more high end than the matte rubber. Design: HTC One M8.


The HTC One M8 and the Nexus 5, both have a 5 inch full HD display with very similar colour presentation, black levels and viewing angles I simply cannot distinguish one from the other. These are one of the most beautiful displays you will get over any smartphone. Good display size and amazing clarity gives you that tinge of enjoyment in entertainment. Why do you own a smartphone? Display: Tie.


The cameras are not the flagship kind, Nexus 5 kind of is but HTC One M8 kind of disappoints. HTC One M8 has this dual camera, the smaller sensor takes your information about subject depth to use this UFocus feature that still needs help. The primary sensor is exactly the same. It takes brilliant low light shots and video but fails to impress overall with the low resolution and washed off colours. Nexus 5 on the other hand is moderate on both low light and good lit shots but it produces very bright and overly saturated colours which is not so good either. HTC One M8’s camera UI lets you do a lot more and is really fun. The shutter speed is faster and it is just a full package, I cannot say the same for Nexus 5. Camera: HTC One M8.


Like I said before, Nexus 5 is targeted to provide you the vanilla Android experience, pure Android with features that Android gives you and not a specific user interface. This project was more crucial before when the slower processors could not handle what the UI was trying to do and Nexus would provide you a smooth experience, but now in the world 2014 when you have Quad and Octa Cores, it does not matter. HTC One M8 gives you the KitKat experience with equal smoothness and extra features. No marks to guess this one: HTC One M8.


Nexus 5 and the HTC One M8 use Snapdragon 800 and Snapdragon 801 processors respectively which are both equally fast and diminishes lag from the dictionary of both the smartphones. Both have them have 2GB of RAM and function amazingly. HTC One M8 takes advantage with exponentially better battery life and the fact that it is expandable to up to 128 GB!



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