HTC One M8 vs Apple iPhone 5S

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Some phones are just meant to be so great that often their clash is one of the most talked about heated debate in a community. When Apple iPhone 5S goes up against the HTC One M8 something very similar happens. HTC One M8 is the latest one out from the band of flagships of 2014. We just had to compare them head on, sit back relax and read as to what we have to say.


Design clashes do not come this close on any other phone as on the Apple iPhone 5S against the HTC One M8. HTC One was said to be 70% metal and HTC says the new HTC One M8 has 90% metal. The side edges where you hold the phone used to be of another material, now it is all metal. The finishing of the phone is just incredible. By the looks of it, it does not seem the metal on the HTC One M8 would chip off. Apple on the other hand has a very similar but I would say better aluminium built. It is just something that feels better. The deal breaker here are the speakers, against the Boom Sound Apple has to go on it’s knee. The new Boom Sound speakers on the HTC One M8 much better compared to the M7. Design: HTC One M8.


I am a fan of both the displays. HTC One M8 has a 5 inch full HD display and Apple iPhone 5S comes with a 4 inch Retina Display. For entertainment I would not say that the 4 inch is good, here the HTC shines out with beautiful flawless display. But anyday, the colours on the iPhone 5S are way better than the HTC One M8. Even the viewing angles are much better on the Apple iPhone 5S. I would leave this to you. If the size is the deal breaker then the HTC One M8 is better for you, otherwise the iPhone 5S is simply incredible.


HTC brings the dual camera to the game. The new addition gives the camera depth information and a lot of cool stuff to do. UFocus feature lets you to use that depth sensor and give your photo a high end finish though it is not very accurate. Apple iPhone 5S pretty much has a flawless camera. I love the colour, I love the auto exposure, I love the detailing. It is much better with the newer sensor and true tone flash makes it the best camera with a flash on a smartphone. On the other hand HTC One M8 still takes washed off photos with the 4MP Ultrapixel sensor, it is killer under low light no doubt but it is still low resolution and it does not work that well. Camera: Apple iPhone 5S.


Both these phones are completely different ecosystems. HTC One M8 operates form the Android KitKat v4.4.2 and Apple iPhone 5S is trademark iOS 7.1. HTC Sense 6 the skin that takes over that Android and gives it a HTC vibe. The UI HTC Sense 6 is pretty nice and it looks less cluttered. There is much more to BlinkFeed and Zoe than last year and it just seems to be more toned down that ever. iOS 7.1 has the new flat design and gives you that easy accessibility. I would also go on to say that iOS apps seem to be much better as per design and quality perspective. Software: Apple iPhone 5S.


Apple iPhone 5S is a monster with the incredibly fast 64 bit A7 processor against the HTC One M8’s Snapdragon 801. On paper the 5S is faster but in their respective ecosystems they are very smooth and there is absolutely no lag. The ability to expand your memory to up to 128GB and NFC and the AMAZING battery backup gives HTC One M8 complete edge over the Apple iPhone 5S. Performance: HTC One M8.


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