HTC M8: What we know


For me the success story of 2013 was the HTC One. It was a year of struggle for HTC and in this havoc they were able to release this absolutely scintillating product. For many all across the world, HTC One came to be the number one Android phone of 2013. It practically had everything you would want from a smartphone. And the most important thing, they pushed other companies to make their phones with better built quality, which is possibly the best thing for consumers.

In 2014, HTC would be planning to change their fortune. Another smartphone would rise in hopes to rescue them from harsh times. Their new flagship might be called the HTC M8. From the leaked images, we are pretty sure the HTC M8 will look more or less like HTC One. We loved the design and the built quality on the HTC One and would be more than happy to get the same again. Atleast I know I would be. You can see the similar micro drilled speakers on the front that gives you the cleanest and the loudest sound from a smartphone till date. We will see that again on the new flagship phone the HTC M8.


Leaked Body of the HTC M8

HTC M8 will have on screen buttons instead of capacitive ones. It does not mean anything great but, just a FYI. The rumour also suggests that the HTC M8 will have a tad larger 5.2 inches display instead of the 4.7 inch that we saw on HTC One. And of course, it will be full HD. HTC M8 is also set to surface the same 4MP UltraPixel camera technology. I am frankly a fan of that camera regardless of what you think. It takes some brilliant shots which are really well detailed and the night performance is absolutely stunning. We expect 4K recording on board as well.

Welcome to the HomeScreen

If you think the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor was fast, I don’t know what you will think about the Snapdragon 805 which is said to be used in the HTC M8. The phone will come with Android v4.4 KitKat out of the box. That should be exciting. Along with all of this goodness will also see the coming of a new UI. The homescreen has been leaked and you can, actually you should take a look. It is just a few things here and there but of course, the features from the UI remain unknown. The phone will be available in 4 colours.


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