How to fix “Unfortunately Settings has stopped” Error on Android



Many of the smartphone users experience “Unfortunately Settings has stopped” error and are puzzled about resolving the issue. When you try to access your phone setting or try to sync your Gmail account/ calendar, you will get error message. You don’t have to worry anymore! Here you can fix the error by following the simple steps mentioned in this article.

Restart your smartphone

Sometimes the “Unfortunately Settings has stopped” error can be rectified by just restarting your phone.


  1. Press the power button and hold it until a menu bar appears on the screen.

  • Now select the “reboot/restart” option in the menu options.


  1. Click on “Ok” and once the restart is complete check if the issue is resolved.

If your problem is not resolved you can try other methods mentioned here:


Clear Cache data of the apps in the device

In this method you should clear cache for all the apps on your smartphone to get rid of the error.

To clear cache follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the phone “settings “
  2. The list of options appear on the screen, click on the “storage” option.

In the storage menu click on cached data and click on “Ok” to complete the process.


Clear cache data of the phone settings

This method clears the cache data of the settings app on the phone. To clear the cache data of the settings app follow the procedure below:

  1. Open “setting” on your device, a list with number of options appears on the screen.
  2. Scroll down and click on the “apps” option.
  3. Now within the list of apps find the “settings” app and click on it.

The app information appears on the screen, where you have to find and click on “clear data” and “clear cache”.

  1. Reboot your phone and check if the issue is resolved on your phone.


Wipe cache partition on the device

You can use this method to fix the error on your device. This method uses recovery option to wipe the cache partition in your device. To start your phone in recovery mode follow the simple steps below:

  1. Press and hold combination keys Power + Volume down to power off your smartphone. The keys vary depending on your device, here are a few examples:

HTC Smartphone – Power + Volume Down.

Samsung Smartphone – Home + Power + Volume.

LG Smartphone – Power + Volume Down

  1. Your phone will show you “recovery option” if you succeed step 1.

Scroll and navigate to “wipe cache partition” option present in the recovery option using the volume button on your phone

  1. Now reboot your device and check if the problem is resolved.


Factory reset

If you still face the problem of “Unfortunately Settings has stopped” error. Your last option is to reset your phone. Before you plan to reset your phone to factory settings, make sure that you backup your data.

Steps to factory reset your phone:

  1. Open “settings” on your device
  2. In the list of options click on “backup and reset” option.

  1. Now tap on “factory reset” option.
  2. Your phone will be reset once you click on “reset phone” and now check if your issue is resolved.



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