How to choose the best smartphone to buy


People ask this a lot and this is a question has become pretty common. Most people wonder about this every 6 months I suppose with new stuff always coming up. The smartphone has become such an integral part of everyone’s life that if you lose it, it seems like the whole world stops for you. Companies have been going crazy as well, launching so many phones so often which does not help the consumer but baffle them. Most of us consumers end up spending much more than we should for no reason at all. You might even choose the completely wrong phone and later regret it. People who can afford all the luxury in the world might not be concerned so much but you still need to know what to pick. And for people who put in a lot of effort to gather the money, it is really important to know which one is the best for you.
So, how to pick the best smartphone for yourself? What are the correct questions you need to ask to yourself?
Obviously answer all of this considering the budget.

Q1. What do I want it to look at feel like?

Do you need the phone to say “hold me all the time and always look at me when I am around.” Or you can do with a general average or even satisfactory built phone. Oh money would matter but with current standards there are some sharp looking and soothing phones even at the cheapest prices. So, how much do you care about how sexy it looks?
Before all of this, be clear of the platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone or something else?

Q2. Do I care too much about the camera?

Most of the people who have a smartphone just want to click around with friends and update their display pictures etc. That does not need a high end smartphone lens. If you care about being creative and want to do a lot more than just click with friends and update the profile picture you would tend towards a really good lens. So what do you actually seek from the camera?

Q3. How do I want the display to be?

This could be a little tricky. Do you want the display to be full HD? Would you do with a 720p? Is it necessary for the display to be larger than your pocket? Shall a small 4.0 or 4.3 or even 4.5 inch display do the job? You need to go for a 5 inch 1080p if you can do with a smaller 720p display.

Q4. What do I want to do on my smartphone?

Are you going to use your smartphone for just the social media and communication along with moderate gaming or for all that with some heavy ass games like Asphalt and Frontline Commando. Consider a general Dual Core phone for the former and a faster processor for the latter.

Q5. Do I really need the extra features?

As tempting some of them can be, they are going to slow down your processor and eat a lot of RAM. So are you really going to use them? Some of them can be really handy and would be worth it.

The Important Part

You surely have your answers but sometimes not every phone would meet all the things you have in your mind for your phone. So what do you do? You bargain. Say the phone has an incredible built but the camera is not as amazing as you wanted it to be. Here you need to think about what you care more. Consider everything in your budget. Out of all these things that would make you choose your smartphone, what do you really want more than the other? Mark each question with your priority. 1 for “IT HAS TO HAVE THIS” and 5 for “NOT SO MUCH” compared to the others. So when you consider a smartphone see what best fits this priority. A phone that would be fulfilling more from the higher priority is going to be the best fit for you. BINGO would be on the phone having a check on all of course which is kind of impossible, so realistically anything that checks 1st priority and then 2nd or 3rd as for 4th and 5th you only did not care much. It is not about what you care about when you have your ideal smartphone thought, but about what do you care about more.


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