How to activate your iPhone without a SIM card


How to Activate iPhone Without Sim card

There are so many iPhone users, mainly those who have bought a new iPhone are frustrated because their iPhone does not boot all the way through to the home screen simply because there is no SIM card inserted inside. There are a few ways to overcome this. Below are the easiest ways to activate your iPhone without a SIM card. These methods work for different versions of iPhones including the latest iPhone 7.

Emergency Call Method

  1. Click on the Home button
  2. Click on Emergency Call, when promoted with three options, Start over, Emergency call, and Cancel
  3. Type in 112 and Dial
  4. Press the power button after dialling the number
  5. Click Cancel when a popup appears
  6. You must see the iPhone home screen

iTunes App and PC Method

This method involves connecting the phone to PC and activating it through iTunes application.

  1. Visit and download the latest version of iTunes onto your PC.
  2. Connect the non-activated iPhone to PC through an USB cable
  3. Launch the iTunes app by double clicking on it. Follow the instructions as prompted. After completing this, the iPhone will circumvent the activation screen

Jailbreak iPhone Method

Try this method only when the above two methods do not work. To go through this process, one need to have IPSW firmware and Redsn0w tool. These are readily available on the internet.

Follow these below steps to Jailbreak and use the phone without SIM.

  1. Unzip the redsn0w tool setup, open it and Click “Extras” button.
  2. Click ‘Select IPSW’ and select the file 1.2 or iOS 6.0
  3. Click ‘Back’ and then ‘Jailbreak’ option to install Cydia after selecting the firmware
  4. Click ‘Next’ and then click ‘Install Cydia’ button.
  5. After following the steps as promoted, you will enter the DFU mode.
  6. In DFU mode, the phone will show ‘Exploiting with limera1n’ which means the phone will boot again
  7. After the ram disk upload is completed, iPhone is successfully jail broke.
  8. Restart your iPhone and you will enter the home screen on iPhone.

Using X-SIM or R-SIM Method

Below is the step by step method using X-SIM or R-SIM to activate iPhone without a CDMA SIM

  1. Insert your X-SIM or R-SIM on your iPhone.
  2. Enter the IMSI code after selecting the carrier from the list
  3. Confirm and restart the iPhone.
  4. Activation message pops up on the screen after searching for a service.

These steps should work without for all types of iPhone regardless of the country you are living in. With iPhone activated without a SIM, users may not be able to use all the services offered by the phone, but they can use the iphone as Wi-Fi only device. Users can connect to Wi-Fi and use apps like FaceTime, iMessage and other apps that one has downloaded from App store before. Moreover, one can play games and use the device for browsing the internet. Without a SIM a user should be only crippled about not able to make calls and send messages.

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