#Homescreen App is unreal!


We always have these apps charts on iOS that we can browse through. The general categories and everything is quiet nice. But what is that something different people use? How can I know about few apps that are well, brilliant but not famous. Betaworks has developed an app “#Homescreen” that scans your homescreen and shares them with the world.

First, you need to take a shot of your homescreen, then enter the #Homescreen app. The app will recognize the homescreen, scan the apps and prepare an interactive homescreen that you can share with the world. You can look at other homescreens as well. Well, that’s the whole point. You can hover over the app to get info about it and get a direct download link. It even tells you how many homescreens have that app.

I have recently found really cool apps from other screens shared. This is just amazing and lets just say iPhones non expandable memory will come into play thanks to this app.
If you have an iPhone, get this app today here.


Author: Sinha

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